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Copyright has been regarded as an obstacle with advance in technology where people get movies, songs, T.V shows and computer games so easily. When there is unauthorized use of people’ copyrighted materials denying them an opportunity to derivate their works as a well reproduce amounts to copyright violation or infringement. This has been commonly referred as pirates. Furthermore, the situation has been compounded by the ease at which one can get these materials to a point that it’s no longer considered illegal. With inventory of high broadband internet technology like Bit Torrent, Morpheus or Lime Wire, it takes few seconds for someone to have a song or a movie in his computer. Copyright infringement therefore consists acquiring of the materials and sharing with someone else. The fundamental element that should guide the activities in these broadband technologies is the safety and security of online copyrighted materials. The owners have been losing a lot of resources through acquisition of their original work in an easier way without the beneficiaries contributing even a single cent. Therefore download of copyright materials from the internet should be illegal (Joe 24).

When illegality of downloading copyright materials in the internet is enforced, the copyright and patent industry will receive a boost and grow tremendously. Copyright field contributes as one of the largest profit margins field in the internal advanced technologies internet marketing. The most and widely practiced exercise is the download of songs from internet faced computer to one’s personal and home computers. Although it had been considered illegal for internet download without consent from the concerned parties, it has been so easy to go contrary to this directive since the means through which these downloads are done are numerous and accessible. Such channels include peer – to – peer file sharing where friends or two people share music, songs and movies from the internet without offering the owner an opportunity to benefit from his / her own work. When this download trend is allowed, the innovativeness and inventiveness that result to copyrighting will be a thing of the past and music, song and movie world will be left behind without any meaningful substance due to demoralization from the concerned parties. The process of production of a song, music, video, movies or even T.V is expensive in production, therefore where internet download are permitted, the production costs are not met and subsequent production is a big challenge. This therefore curtails the new products in this field which has potential of mass production every day when properly regulated (Illinois State University 1).

However it is legal to carry internet download of music, songs, movies and T.V programs when these materials are in the public domain. When materials are in public domain, either the copyright was not claimed or has expired. Therefore such kind of a download is considered to be legal. This exemption also applies when a copyright warning is absent, its absence does not mean that the piece of work can be downloaded at will since all music, videos, songs and movies are copyrighted. Internet download may also be legal when the concerned and necessary authorities have granted permission for such an exercise. However this permission may not exist in songs, music and movies which are always sold at a profit. Downloads are also considered legal when the purpose for the download are meant for academic, scholarly comment, criticism and news reporting. This is considered legal since they don’t multiply the piece of work for resale or used for recreational activities and enjoyment. They are also done in small proportions which are necessary and vital for the task in question (Illinois State University 1).

Downloading a song, movies, music and T.V programs in the internet may be considered legal or illegal. All these pieces of work are mostly copyrighted to promote innovativeness and creativity. Their production is also expensive and need for protection. Therefore download should only be done when a piece of work is legally acquired either through purchase of other acceptable means for special occasions like academic, comment and news reporting. All these materials are copyrighted; however it’s prudent to assume that a material is copyrighted even if you don’t locate the copyright warning. Copyright is a vital issue since it determines the trends of music, songs, videos, movies and T.V programs. Understanding their legality and illegality will protect this industry not only for entertainment purposes but also for scholarly reasons (Joe 16).

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