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Current Propaganda War over Global Warming

Global warming, which begun in the late 1800s, is the continual increase in the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere. Its effects have been linked with the widespread climate change. Numerous researches have been conducted so as to ascertain its cause, look for possible solutions for reducing its effects and preventing the increase in temperatures from soaring. It is believed to have been caused by the emission of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, water vapor and methane incorporated with the presence of particulate matter and smut in the atmosphere and the variations in the solar activity (Johansen 12).Through the large number of researches, including one done by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) the conclusion was made that that human activities are the major cause of the global warming. The researchers state that ocean water will have the increased acidity and that the ocean levels will rise due to the escalating global temperatures. These alterations will also be demonstrated in the changes in wind, ice and precipitation. Thus, many admonitions on the effects of global warming, which cause extreme climate changes, have been passed across through the media, government and to an extent in academic institutions by climate alarmists (Booker 143). People have different opinions on the causes of global warming with some citing human activities as the major cause and another group contradicting this. The two sides have separately developed theories and fallacies to prove that their line of argument is correct, and tries to discredit their opposers.

The warnings, termed as propaganda on the global warming, have instilled fear in the community, although this has not successfully been achieved due to the activity of people doubting the warnings (Lomborg 127). The climate alarmists have been forced under several circumstances to change their overall approach on the issue. At some point they have resolved to attack papers and global warming polls. Rigged polls, whose results are often broadcasted, leave the majority of the population in fear. Nevertheless, other problems, like the unsteady economy, unemployment and job insecurities, higher taxes and the high cost of living in general are making the people less concerned about the environmental problems. In comparison to economic problems, the climate change is merely affecting people currently and will affect their distant descendants. This has provoked the existing propaganda conflicts over global warming.

Historically, the fear has been used as an aspect to streamline thoughts due to its appealing nature. Climate alarmists use the media to disseminate messages that clearly catch the public’s attention. With messages conveying that the rise in the average Earth’s temperature in the distant future will raise the sea levels and melt ice caps they make people think that the failure to react immediately will be the root cause of catastrophes (Paltridge 95). The delivering of the messages leads to the global warming issue being a fallacy.The fear factor worked in the early stages up until 1998, when the Earth began to cool, despite the fact that carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere increased. Due to this incongruity, the alarmists altered the warning messages by associating the climate changes with human activities (Spencer 32).

People outgrow the fear caused by the warnings fuelled by skeptics among them. Due to this, the propagandists have to be more innovative with their approaches using other tactics besides fear. In the same school of thought with the skeptics are the politicians, who are the target audience of the messages. The climate realists have a perception that those doubting them are attacking them so as to specifically ostracize them.  On the other hand, the climate alarmists think of them as a reality due to the long time they used in pushing their opponents. To the common people it creates the fear of belonging to a particular stereotyping group, since they do not believe in global warming and most people will want to avoid that. This is eluded determent, where the climate alarmists psychologically lead people into supporting their opinions (Lomborg 246).

On one hand, the public should not be forcefully led into believing that human activities and their continual denial are the cause of global warming and into taking action to prevent the effects of global warming. On the other hand, they should be aware of the environment safety. The climate alarmists should use their platform to educate and not create propagandas.

Another technique used in the war against global warming propaganda is transfer. This technique, which was commonly used by the advocates of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW), shifts the good and bad characteristics of one person to another. A clear illustration is when an AGW enthusiast goes for a press conference, he will put on a white lab coat, linking him with a scientist, irrespective of the fact that he may not be working in a lab (Bailey 213).  On the contrary, a quick-witted reporter from the AGW will choose a steel worker in Detroit as an opponent of the AGW to interview. The reporter will outsmart the interviewee, since they want to prove a point and specifically chose one opponent that will be at fault. This automatically creates a negative or positive impression of the speaker for the viewer (Johansen 219).

The use of bandwagons is another applicable technique. In this technique one brings two utmost options to the table. The first one is that a person may choose to pollute the environment. The second one is to opt to connect with those that care for the environment and ponder on reserving the Earth for the future generations. In most cases people will want to identify with the majority, since they perceive them to be right. The United States is perceived as irresponsible, since they have not agreed to the Kyoto Protocol. The propagandist just needs to make people see that America is polluting the environment. They have their reasons for not agreeing to the Protocol, since it is bound by so many issues. In addition, by agreeing to Kyoto Protocol, the American economy would have been negatively affected. For this technique to work one has to create a rift in the issue that will convince people without reasoning. When given room to reason, people will object to the issue and the propagandist will lose their stronghold (Spencer 108).

The propagandists have been using the media to spread their positive messages by media framing. The aspects of global warming are so many, which necessitates massive computer power assistance in order to justify the occurrence of global warming. Proper understanding of the phenomenon by the common citizens requires it to be simplified. The propagandist used this to their advantage and influenced the mindset of the citizens that energy consumption and exhaust fumes lead to global warming making the Earth hotter. The citizens have confidence that they understand global warming and the features connected to it. The AGW uses buzz words, such as pollution, melting ice caps, over population, deforestation and ozone layer depletion, which make the message stick to the brain. The choice of words has an impact that drills in the idea that is being portrayed and induces the need to protect the environment (Lomborg 455).

The propagandists use these techniques to show how human activity has been the cause of global warming and caution them against risky energy consumption undertakings that may lead to the total destruction of humanity. This can be attributed to as faulty fact checking. It is a fact that the climate has been constantly changing since it was formed. The propagandists will only state that the rise in Carbon dioxide levels leading to the surging temperatures is human caused. Due to this it is safe to assume that some factors that contribute to the global warming are beyond human activity. The AGW propagandists seldom acknowledge that the earth’s core causes variations in ocean temperatures and consequently the warming and cooling of the atmosphere (Booker 294).

Propagandists and deceitful scientists are liable to the theories they have led the population to believe in. The citizens must find ways on unraveling the facts surrounding global warming and all the effects associated with it. It is highly assumed that human activities are the major causes of global warming but through history and research findings, that are less popularized, there is evidence that this may be devious. The messages are meant to create awareness but they end up conveying other messages. The few that are against the propaganda have an understanding of the global warming issue with all the aspects revolving around it.

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