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David Walker's Article

David Walker was an advocate for the abolition of slavery of African American in the 1920s due to the cruelty that they experienced in the hands of their masters. In strengthening his appeal, he published an article 1929 containing literature that argued African Americans to rise up and fight for their rights. This article was radically antislavery and never supported any form of humiliation of African Americans by their masters. His message was so strong and influential across many states in America and consequently it resulted to banning of distribution of any pamphlet that contained such kind of abolitionist literature. His strong sentiments towards antislavery campaign were based on the grounds that slavery was the worst form set that human beings were abject to in the most and severe wretched and degraded lifestyle ever to exist. His resistance to slavery was due to its nature that, the colored people (whites) who were the masters used African American people as slaves to enrich themselves from one generation to another while Africans had also their fundamental rights of freedom just like any other person, be it white or otherwise (Walker 1).

The article regarded whites (masters) as the most inhuman race of people that ever existed in universe that reduced Africans to a wretched set of people. The situation was compared by the pharaoh’s detention of the Israelites in Egypt. In the same manner, the whites detained Africans and made them their slaves by exploiting their blood and tears to enrich themselves and their generations.  The article is comparing the situations that Israelites underwent through in the hands of pharaoh in Egypt with the situation blacks were treated in America.  From his presentation, Israelites were allowed to intermarry with the Egyptians and even the kings approved it, for instance, Joseph was give the Asenath, the Potipherah’s daughter to marry. This was an unlikely action that Americans considered would ever happen within their society. Americans did not consider allowing intermarriages between the whites and the blacks since they were considered and treated close like animals. They were not even considered fit and qualified to hold any authoritarian office regardless of low it was (Walker 1).

In comparison with the Israelites cases of slavery in Egypt, they were not only allowed to hold offices but accorded the highest authoritarian office and made in charge. For instance Joseph was second in command from the king and in charge of all the Egyptian affairs apart from the throne issues which were left at the discretion of the king. Although we point out that, Israelites were in slavery, their miseries were not worse than the ones experienced by Africans in the hands of Americans. Africans were not even allowed to marry a white. This was the highest level of discrimination and cruelty to ever be witnessed in the history of human race. The Jacobs people in Egypt occupied the best lands in a foreign country unlike the treatment accorded to Africans in American. If an African legally acquires a plot in America, either he will be driven away forcefully by the whites or in case of death, the plot will be taken over by white predecessor without consideration of his family. This was the worst form of treatment that the human race ever in history experienced (Walker 1).

Africans were considered aliens and not entitled to any freedom whatsoever in the American society. The African American conditions were worst more than the that of Israelites in Egypt, there no evidence linking Egyptians insulting Israelites but this was the normal life of Americans towards Africans and their consideration that they are inferior both physically and intellectually since they developed from the tribes and descents of monkeys, these were the kind of insults that African Americans had to experience each and every day subjecting them to the extreme conditions of living a human being can be under. The article demonstrates all these facts to urge the whites be considerate of African as human equal beings and accord them the freedoms, rights and liberties that they so deserve. Africans are also urged to stand up and exercise their fundamental rights and freedoms through liberation from slavery in the custody of their white masters (Walker 1).  

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