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Detroit Culture

The development of great city of Detroit is based on number of factors like American Revolution, roits in the early 1960s, French Origin and many others. One of the most important events in the history of Detroit culture is the immigration of different people from different cultures. And these different cultures produced an environment of jealousy among different nations of different cultures. The people have divided themselves in two parts or group one group of the people was of the view that the immigrants like jewish are our brothers so if is our obligation that we must welcome them by all respects but the other group was of the view that the immigrants like jews are the curse for Christian community so they must not be allowed to enter America. One major idea which is evident from the books is that people like Black were under the stance that their rights are not given to them like jobs, education and many more. One of the examples about these facts can be collected from Autobiography of Malcolm X. Malcolm X also depicted the same scenarios that under which circumstances the Black people were forced to burglary and how they were deprived from their basic rights. From a cultural mix of Detroit it is evident that the dominance of recession and automotive industry is not prevailing every where rather people are also busy in enjoying their lives from opera, films, theatre and many more. Though people have tried their best for survivability and for identity but in the midst of disappointment the hope is also glittering like a shinning star. In the war of identity people still have to enjoy different musical events and they have to go to museums. Mowtown is a famous place of enjoyment for the people. During this war of cultures number of different people also emerged as more prominent in the history of Detroit due to their creative work and artistic thinking. So there is an idea that feelings of different genres about their surviviablity and identity also force them that they must awake their people in order to achieve their objectives because in the present times only fittest and the powerful one can surivive. If someone will not be powerful as a nation or in one’s culture then it would be very difficult for them to pave the way for brighter future for them and for their coming generations.

Hasting is a core area of African American culture and it provides a way to people to listen the symphony in a more peaceful way in a time domain of tensions. In Detroit the Black community is in the dominating form and same is the case with Paradise valley and Black Bottom. One of the most famous Churches, of Black Christians, is the Second Baptist Church. The very Church played a vital role in the independence of slaves. So there comes an idea that each and every nation or culture loves each and every individual of his community and if he is in distress then they try their best in order to solve the plight of these individuals.  The only difference which was evident among all the groups like African, Americans and Jews from Europe came to Detroit is the way of business objectives though all with the ideal goals and objectives. So there are many different ideas like opposition, thoughts, reactions and corrections. So the major idea which comes in the mind from Detriot culture is that culture is something which forces each every individual to express his or her feelings about his or her union with his or her own group or with other groups and they just want to prove their identity in a midst of uncertainties so that once they will be able to get their identity in order to show themselves as more prominent and separate from other nations or cultural genres then they will feel easy and more secure in their future. On the basis of culture a community has to define its futuristic practices and approaches. And people have to express these things in the form of different ways like poetry, drama or theatre, music, creative writings, foods of a culture, the dances and many more. The people don’t fight in a community for the continuation of their culture rather they fight only for their own existence. Why their own existence is very important for them because the world is recently approaching towards globalization and when the very term globalization is reviewed then it seems proper that there is the need that to save the identy instead of struggling for the very existence of their cultures. When in a community there are different people from different cultures then the very existence of their own cultures vanishes slowly and then new cultures are being developed by them which show a mixture of all the cutlures in the society in which they struggle for their existence or for their identiy.

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