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Effects of the SIR on Lives of Individuals

Technology has enhanced the lives of human beings by making it easy to access different things, places and perform certain duties. The development of technology has led to the development in communication, transport, medicine and other areas affecting human life. The development of indoor technology has made human life more comfortable. The use of air conditioning systems, modern communication gadgets, like mobile phones, computers, and even food preservation techniques, has made life more bearable. Nowadays, the use of technological devices defines the level of development of any modern nation. However, development in technology has had its share of negative social, economic and health effects that affect people of all ages and genders. Technology has led to the development and persistence of some health complications, like cancer, as well as economic problems. It has also changed the nature of the modern warfare, making it murderous and destructive.

The effect of modern communication devices is evident. They have both positive and negative influence, just like the air conditioning systems and the medical examination systems, for example, X-ray. The effects of modern technology are experienced in everyday life of human beings. However, the changes brought by it make life easier and cannot be wholly blamed as destructive.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are listed among the most recent developments of technology. They are widely used in almost every part of the world. Mobile phones have markedly reduced the use of letters and landline telephone lines which were quite unreliable. Phones have impacted positively on the people’s lives. They have reduced the rate of travelling and time taken to conduct business. They have promoted trade by allowing for easy purchases, business management and planning.  Mobile phones have also improved lives of people who live distance apart. Mobile phones convey information quickly, allowing for such activities such as rescue missions and quick consultations among business partners (Barnes & Meyers 2011).

However, mobile phones have some disadvantages that complicate lives of people who use them in other perspectives. Mobile phones have been used to plan and execute crimes and terrorism acts. They have also been used to defraud people of their money. Governments and other organizations that have access to the networks and sensor mobile phones, deprive people their human rights. Mobile phones have also been blamed for spread of some diseases like cancer of the brain, ear problems and depression for those who overuse them. Mobile phones have also made people antisocial, because they reduce the instances when people can meet each other and discuss different issues. Nowadays, this can be easily done through mobile conferencing. Children using mobile phones are prone to access of pornographic materials, which can negatively influence their morals; moreover, they can also access extremist sites that incite them against the society. All in all, this can lead to development of deviant behaviors (Saylor, 2012).

Air Conditioning Systems

Air conditioning systems are used at homes, hospitals, offices and other public places. They are listed among the technologies that have helped create conducive microclimate. The air conditioning systems make some of the environments bearable by lowering the temperatures, rising temperatures, getting rid of dust and other odors among other things that make the air feel virtuous. This has helped convert harsh climate into habitable and hospitable. They ensure that the economy is kept running during such seasons as winter (Kittle, 1990).

However, the air conditioning systems have their negative impacts too. They have been blamed for spread of dust and smoke particles from the external environment to the office environment. They contaminate the air, endangering the lives of individuals in the offices, which makes the individuals in the enclosed environment get such infections as bronchitis and other respiratory diseases. They are also known to spread bacteria, virus and other pathogen within the enclosed environments. In this case, they complicate any efforts of controlling diseases like tuberculosis, bronchitis and other air spread diseases. The air conditioners are also known to consume a lot of electric energy, which increases the maintenance and operation costs. These expenses reduce the income of households, companies and government (Brumbaugh, 2004).

Medical Technology Devices

The world of medicine largely conforms to the new technology. The technology has greatly helped in saving lives, reducing the time taken to detect, prevent, control and manage some diseases. Furthermore, it has also helped protect the health and lives of medical practitioners when dealing with their patients. The most used technology in the medical world today is the radiology technology. It is used in detecting and treating several diseases and injuries, thus, saving lives. It has been used for long time in treatment of cancer, brain tumors and internal bleeding problems. It is also used in X-ray to diagnose internal organs and perform insertion surgeries. This technology has significantly improved lives of the people. Radio therapy has also been used to treat spine and brain injuries, which were a night mare in the past of the medical field. The rays are also used to run powerful microscopes which help in medical research (Association of Surgical Technologists, 2008).

The negative effects of medical technology also exist. The technology should be used cautiously to prevent the spread of its aftermath effects. The radioactive rays used in the medical devices have more than one negative effect. They are widely blamed for causing gene mutation. These mutations have negatively affected gene alignment, which may lead to disability or abnormality in the offspring of the victim.  They also cause various cancers, like brain cancer and liver cancer among other forms of cancers. The radioactive rays are also blamed for reduction of the individuals’ lifespan. Individual may suffer heart attacks or organ failure due to prolong exposure of these rays. Materials used are also dangerous to the environment if they are not poorly disposed of. These materials can contaminate drinking water, food and other human basic products. In order to avoid this, governments spend a lot of money for dumping the waste. In case when the materials land in the wrong hand or are misused, they can be used in the manufacture of weapons of mass destruction. Furthermore, this can be used to enhance and promote modern warfare (Van Leeuwen et al., 2011).


Technology is the best thing that ever happened to a human. It has enabled save lives, leading of business, socializing, planning and organizing the world. The positive effects of technology are appealing and welcome to all nations. The use of technology under regulated policies is one way of improving and enhancing the advantages of technology. The misuse of the same can lead to destruction of the human race, environment, economy, and social life. It is evident that technology can be used to build as well as to destroy. The use of technology to enhance crimes, warfare and environmental degradation should be discouraged. Children should be protected from the negative of technology and be trained to use it for their own personal development. Technology should be utilized to benefit all people in the area of use. People and governments should develop technology for the good of lives and the economy.

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