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The life is full of variations. There come many different events in the life of a man that may be full of sorrow and happiness.

Here in this essay I am going to describe the life of a girl Mary who is ever in my good memories. She was born in a village of England. Her father was a former who died in her early age and her mother was a teacher. The family of Mary was not rich enough but they were proud of their origin because in the family many people were involved in political activities but the family of Mary was not very rich and they were leading a middle class life style. The family of Mary was comprised of three brothers and two sisters. As she was younger so the whole family was in deep love with her. She was brought under the supervision of her mother. She got admitted in a middle class school in the village although she was from a reputed origin. Mary was a very nice, obedient and pretty girl. Being from good origin she was studying with the girls of middle class families. Her schooling in such an environment was the first factor which induces bravery in her instinct. Mary was quite shy, malleable and obedient with every one in her school and she was ranked as a nice girl.

In school Mary was very prominent among all the students. Her results and progress in the study was excellent. The logic behind her talent was that Mary’s mother after her retirement was running a small education system in her home and the girl was given due consideration by her mother. After completing her schooling successfully her mother wants her to get admitted in the college but the financial problems were producing hindrance in Mary’s education. Recently Mary’s mother was solely running the family matters after the death of her father John. The cause of financial problems was due to the incomplete status of her two bothers and sister. Her elder brother Keats and elder sister were married so her mother was too much worried about the jobs and marriages of her two sons and daughter. So Mary was in the middle of the hopes of survival. Mary was facing a lot of stress due to these financial problems so grooming in a more mature way.

Joseph, Mary’s uncle and the father in law of her elder brother Keats, was a symbol of rascality in the village. Joseph was famous regarding his intrigues or tricks which he ever applies in life for his personal benefits but the Mary’s family had never believed that Joseph is a man with such notorious deeds. Mary was in deep love with her uncle and her behavior becomes very awkward when someone in the school talk impertinently about her uncle. The love of Mary for her family is prominent here that she is not ready to hear disgusting remarks about any member of her family and this shows her immense relations with her family.

Joseph’s image in Mary’s mind will shatter very soon when she will see the real face of the man. Joseph was involved in a case of abduction or kidnap of a baby of his own family. The child was the nephew of Mary’s father John. For this obnoxious deed of abduction Joseph was sent to imprisonment for a period of six months. But Mary was reluctant to accept all that due to her sheer innocence and she thought that it was the blame.

Joseph on the other hand was regularly observing the financial problems of the family so his satanic mind started to think about a treachery which he can play with Mary’s family. Joseph’s relations with Keats were very close. Keats ever considers Joseph as a right hand for their family because he was also the father in law of Keats. Keats’ wife Julia was a girl of very unethical norms when she was living with her husband with his family then her behavior was arrogant with Mary and Mary’s mother. Julia’s unethical deeds forced Keats to live separately from his family. After that Keats was fully in the control of Joseph. But Keats’ love for Mary as a brother was of high appraisal. Mary was not even blaming her uncle on the matter of her brother Keats because Joseph was just showing himself as a silent figure. Mary was of the view that all is done by Julia but she was unaware about the mastery of her unlce.

Joseph was a very treacherous person so with tears in his eyes he told Keats and his family that the blame of child kidnap was based on personal grudges. He told that police was unable to recover the baby from my lodge rather the baby was found at the outskirts of the nearby town. It was a trick played by Joseph just for the sake of winning the sympathies of the family. But when he was caught by the police he was fully in contact with one of his partner and when the situation was severe he told his partner that you must leave the baby at the outskirts of the nearby town in the night. Mary due to her deep love with her uncle was quite depressed. She was in great agony and her sympathies were full of love for her uncle. She uttered briskly that uncle you are innocent and the punishment was an injustice. So she was no more in the mood to listen the misery of her uncle.

After getting sympathies Joseph started to take interest in the family matters. Keats was also too much worried about family issues. Joseph presented a solution in a reluctant way to solve the plight of the family. Keats insisted and Joseph started in a more embarrassed way that you know Alexander. Keats was curious that who is Alexander then Joseph told him that he is the Mayor of the nearby town. Keats now nodded his head to show his acquaintance about the man. Joseph told Keats that Alexander’s son Milton is the sole owner of the whole property. As there is no sharer in the whole property because he is the only son of Alexander and there is even no daughter of Alexander. Joseph says I consider him as a best suit for Mary. Milton was known due to his notorious deeds in the town. He was a gambler and member of a notorious gang called “Warrior” and with the help of his gang mates he makes different treacherous plans for earning money. Milton’s all struggles were for money either by hook or crook. People of the town were also in great distress due to the cruelties of the man. Milton’s father was running an industry where workers were treated by Milton like personal slaves. Though Milton was little bit educated but the man has lost the morality because of the training which he has got from his family.

One day Keats’ mother called him and asked him about Pope as a suit for Mary. Pope was a very nice man with good family manners. He was an educated young man of 25 years and doing his job as an accountant in a nearby industry in the town. Pope was a prominent figure among his colleagues and was rated as an honest and hardworking young man in the industry. Pope was the first cousin of Mary and the son of younger brother of Mary’s mother. Pope’s father was a well known agriculture businessman and with a prominent position in the town. There was a strong understanding between Pope and Mary. Then taking a chance Keats told her mother about Milton according to the advice of Joseph. He told her mother that he is a very rich man and from very good origin and the only son of Alexander the Mayor of nearby town. Keats’ mother, after listening about Milton, was very happy. She was eager to listen more about the man. Mary’s mother was now quite satisfied after getting all the information. But Mary was interested in Pope. Mary’s mother in her sheer innocence tried to convince Mary about Milton. She told her that he is a very rich man and she will live very happy with him. But Mary in a sensible way discussed the issue with Pope and with his father. Pope told Mary all about Milton as he was well familiar about the man and his deeds. Mary refused to marry Milton and she told her mother about Milton also but Mary’s mother was not willing to accept all that.

On the other hand Joseph was in contact with Milton and Joseph demanded huge money for her marriage with Mary. Joseph promised Milton that he will keep each and every aspect of his character secret from Mary’s family and if he would not give the money he will tell everything about you. So Joseph was playing a double game with the family. At one end showing sympathies while on the other end cutting the roots of family for timely benefit. Milton was a famous rascal in his town but the family of Mary was unaware about the very nature of Milton. So Milton gave the huge money to Joseph for his marriage with Mary.

Mary’s family now started rivalry with the family of Pope. Mary’s family was of the view that they are misguiding and they don’t want to see the prosperity of the family. Mary’s family contacted Milton and the man started to play treacherous deeds with family of Pope. Both Pope and Mary were deeply interested in each other so they decided to marry in the court. Pope discussed the issue of marriage with his father. Pope’s father tried his best to solve the issue but Mary’s mother was too much hot. Mary’s mother confined Mary not to meet Pope and she was reluctant for her marriage with Milton. One day Joseph, Keats and Mary’s mother went to nearby town to meet Milton and they locked Mary in the home. In the meanwhile taking a chance Pope came and broke the lock and asked Mary to come with him and they would marry so with the help of Pope’s father the couple got married in the court. When family came back from Milton the couple was tied in the relation of marriage. Pope’s father announced the marriage of Mary and Pope in the town. The family also came to know about their marriage. Now Joseph was in a great distress about the money which he had got from Milton. In the meanwhile Milton also got the news of Pope’s marriage with Mary so he contacted Joseph and he demanded his money. Joseph was unable to pay him back such huge money because he had already utilized the money in betting and drinking. Milton reported the police about money and Joseph was sent to Jail. Now the situation was crystal clear to the family of Mary that who was the culprit behind all that. Keats now also left his favor for his father in law. On the other hand Milton was also caught due to a million dollar fraud in the corporate business. The Mary’s family invited Mary and Pope back to the home and all of them requested the couple to apologize them. But the couple was quite sensible and requested them that don’t do so because they are not angry at all with them.

The very event or story is very important in my life and I have learnt a lesson from the story that I would never ever see the things blindly. Ever think about each and every possibility before the implementations of actions. The plight of Mary is a sort of social lesson in my life. She has not only saved her own happiness rather she has also saved the happiness of her family members.

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