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Garbology Assignment


Garbology is the study of the household disposals in order to understand the society people live.

This analysis will look at the things that were thrown away for the past one week and what it tells us about  the society in terms of economical, religious and political system.

What did the garbage find tell us about the society?

During the analysis different items were found thrown away, these gave more information about the people living around in the society. The most notable one is that the society is a democratic one; this is because there were several posters of different people who were vying for electoral positions including presidential aspirants.

Secondly, most people living in the society are Christians; there were different  papers thrown in the dustbin. The papers  were mainly talking about  Jesus Christ, and they quoted verses from the Bible which make me conclude that the majority of them are Christians. There were also old clothes thrown in the dustbin; these shows that the culture in this society are that of Christianity.

Thirdly, dry cells were found thrown away; these presented a society which has no access to electricity, few people are able to access this important resource hence on my view, this is a middle class economy. Also, there were some foodstuffs which were thrown out in the dustbin, these foodstuffs  were of that of a middle class economy.

The main economic activity of the people around me is agriculture; this is due the fact that there were broken items used by farmers in the dustbin, there were also animal feeds which were thrown away, this suggested that there are dairy farmers living around me.

There are also people living around in this place have young children, this is because there  were different things belonging to children which were found. These included broken toys, balls and also children foodstuffs. Also, most people in this area are students because there were used books and broken pens and pencils in the dustbin.


Garbology is an important discipline of study which can help us to learn and know more about the society which we are living in. It has helped me to know about myself and people around me by using what I found thrown away and then analysing them to get information.

Some of the things  found include;  dry cells, posters, Bibles, Christian notes, written notes, pens, pencils, old clothes, foodstuffs, books, toys, broken plough and forks.

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