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Throughout the centuries people tried to unearth ancient settlements of various nations with their distinct peculiarities. To gain this information, they delved deeply into the history, culture, architecture, customs and traditions of the society. In the modern world, archeologists conceived the idea of discovering some information about people from the garbage they daily throw away. They believe that we can learn from the litter about economic and social status of an individual, political order of the country and other personal features of the community in general.

Garbage is a major source of information about person’s position or rank in the society. The quantity of food remnants can reveal marital status of a person videlicet single or married. What is more, it is likely to make deductions whether there are any children in the family, find out about their age and sex. It is also possible to stumble across some vital information about material wealth of a citizen when analyzing the price of food, its quality and type, namely junk food, organic food, different delicacies, or standard fare. Moreover, numerous receipts from luxurious restaurants are the best to exemplify the life of an advantaged person or someone who has high position in an organization and can live in grand style.

Litter can provide information about the current political situation in the country. While thoroughly examining bills that people pay for electricity, heating, gas, water etc. we can get information about prescribed rates of pays and taxes which show if the country is thriving or suffer a deep recession. In its turn, clothes, packaging from various products may also elucidate the full picture of international relations between countries in terms of barter system. Furthermore, plane-, train-, bus tickets etc. indicate interrelationships between countries, whether it is in the national interest to attract tourists from abroad. In the same way, such findings might demonstrate if the country is a member of any political organization.       

It is believed that rubbish can help judge about person’s singularities in terms of fashion, food ration, their hobbies etc. After looking critically at the labels and receipts from particular stores, it is not rocket science to apprehend person’s tastes in clothing, specifically, plain, designer or classic wear. What is more, ration habits can be discovered as well. It is likely to say whether an individual is on the diet, eats healthy nourishing food or does not bother about constituents of products at all. Afterwards, we can conclude that a person is involved in some kind of sport if there are any threadbare sportswear, damaged sports equipment etc.    

Taking everything into account, trash is an invaluable source of information that should not be underestimated but fully investigated. Considering my weekly refuse, firstly, it was easy to gauge that I live in a big family with regard to the amount of scraps and food packages in my trash can. Secondly, you might notice that in our family we are used to eating healthy food and prepare all meals by ourselves. Moreover, it was possible to guess that I attend a college, as there were a great number of drafts and other stationery. Lastly, you might understand that I am keen on different delicious food judging from my candies, chocolate bars and other sweets wrappings.

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