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Governance in Sport

Sports and entertainment law in Australia

Australia has a number of laws related to sports and entertainment. This helps in the regulation of the said sports. With regulation come the benefit of good management and few cases of fraud in sports and entertainment.  The growing trend in trying to maintain utmost professionalism has prompted many countries to come up with a series of laws that will make sports equitable (Gibson 2011). The growing benefits and relevance of sports and entertainment in areas of economy, culture and social life has prompted the government to step in and formulate a number of laws in a number of legal areas. These include criminal, labor, tax, competition and tax law.

Australia derives some of its laws from international laws that regulate sports and entertainment (Sobel 2002). The body that sets the laws in Australia is the Australian Sports Commission. This commission drafts and oversees guidelines and rules that regulate sports and entertainment in the country. Offenders who break these laws find themselves banned from attending sports. One example of a sports law in Australia is that betting online is a crime. This law bans people from betting online.  It is a crime for players to fight during a game. This act is punishable in the court. 

The court system in Australia

The court system in Australia is hierarchical which means that some courts are higher in rank than other courts (Opeskin 2000). Australia has different types of courts that include the state courts and the federal courts. The nature of the offence committed by an individual determines where persecution occurs. The state courts compose of magistrate courts that deal with minor disputes. The second level is the district court that listens to appeals from the magistrate courts. According to Opeskin (2000), the district court also presides over serious issues such as legal disputes and criminal offences such as fraud, rape and robbery. The highest level in the state courts is the Supreme Court that deals with cases where defendants not satisfied with the ruling of lower courts.  It composes of the trial division and Court of Appeal.

Sources of law in Australia

The sources of law in Australia are the Commonwealth and the constitution. The two main sources are case laws made by the legislation that the parliament makes. Over the years, the country did not formulate any laws in the parliamentary system as judges presided over most cases (Brassil 2000). The judges decided the cases as they came. With this, other judges could refer to these decisions and make decisions upon other cases. This is how ‘common law’ came to be. The country has embraced parliament as a law making body where it enacts statutes and acts. Australia being a British electorate derives some of its other laws from the commonwealth.

Governance of sports and technology in Australia

National sports

In Australia, sports grouped in a number of ways. These can be state organizations and local groups. The law Clubs in Australia to have a written constitution that has laws that players in the club must follow. There are statutory bodies that help in the governance of sports. One example is the commonwealth government that provides policy, administrative services, facilities and program support. This happens through the Australian Sports Commission. The Australian Football League has an independent commission that oversees football matches in the country. This commission makes decisions that are of interest to football in the country.

International Olympic Committee    

This committee oversees the Olympic Games whenever there is an Olympic competition. This committee helps in informing countries the type of game that is present in the Olympics. It also set regulations followed by countries that seek to take part in competitions. This committee decides on the running of games. It also decides where the players will play the games.

FIFA and IAAF also take part in sports governance. In Australia, the Athletics Australia is part of IAAF where it learns on how to govern athletics in the country. The FFA governs football in the country.  The entertainment industry has no bodies that help in the governance of entertainment.

Role of independent commission in Australian

One of the essential roles of the independent commission in Australian Sport is to ensure that all the participants of all the sports compete on a fair ground. The essence of sports in the modern world is for health benefits and acts as a source of income. In most situations, the occurrence of sports in the entire world has revolved from the ancient time to the current modern world. The participation of the number of the people in the world of sports has increased because of the liking of the sports industry (Field, 2010). To the current sports position, a large number of the world’s population has increased the interest in the sports participation. For this reason, the independent commission based in Australian has decided to ensure that all the participants in sports obtain similar grounds.

The essence of participation of the sportsmen in various sports has changed with time. Since most sports relay mostly on the talent of the individual, it is only fair is the actual ability of the individual is exposed during the actual competition. The independent commission in Australian determines the genuineness of participates during any game competition in Australia. The number of fraud in the sports industry has increased because of the increase in demand in the awards and money earned from the game competition (Thornton, Champion & Ruddell, 2012). The money awarded during the competition has forced other members of the society to indulge into activities that contribute to fraud (Helewitz & Edwards, 2003). For instance, some sportspersons in the current world indulge into the use of drugs to boost the performance and ability during the actual game competition.

The increased unfairness in the world has also forced some members of the sports to cheat in sports. The use of drugs to boost the performance of the sportsperson during the competition is unfair in the sense that drugs increase the resistance of the muscles. Use of drugs such as steroids boost muscle resistance and enhances the production of energy. This is unfair since other competitors in the sports genuinely prove sportsmanship through depicting their actual potential. For awarding the actual winner in the games competition, the independent commission in Australian has enhanced various strategies to minimize the instances of use of drugs in sports (Wong, 2010).   

An additional role of the independent commission in sports fraternity in Australian is to ensure that only the best sportsperson are given the opportunity to represent the nation in the international games. In almost every year, the independent commission in Australian organizes various games in Australia that will assist in the selection of the participants that will represent the nation in the international games. The process of the selection of the players is dwelled in accordance to the occurrence of the international games. The independent commission in Australian organizes various games in accordance to the level of sports to obtain the winner in each level (Helewitz & Edwards, 2003).

The winners are then supposed to undergo training before achieving the skills and techniques appropriate in participating at the international level. In trying to achieve the best sportspersons in Australia, the independent commission in Australian improves the infrastructure vital in the sports (Field, 2010). Almost all the fields of sports for playing various games such as football, hockey, and basketball are improved to meet the international levels. The swimming pools get renovated and improved to ensure that the Australian sportspersons achieves the best in the international sports competition.

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