Green Roofs

Green Roofs have developed into an extremely vital constituent of sustainable metropolitan advancement in the past 30 years. Increasing ecological consciousness and the salient environmental and financially viable benefits are the source of power for this enormous achievement. A green roof is a covering of a structure that is partly or entirely sheltered with plants and a breeding medium, implanted above a water-resistant covering. Planted coverings as investigated decreases around 4.6 gallons of rainstorm overflow for each square foot over a period of four months. (Werthmann, 18)Presently, Green Roofs, rooftop gardens and sky gardens are spotted in almost every big metropolis around the globe, helping the city surroundings and their residents.


Green roofs are vegetated coating that is situated on the customary rooftop area of an edifice. Otherwise identified as “living roofs,” green roofs provide numerous functions for an edifice, for instance soaking up precipitation, giving insulation, constructing a habitation for natural world, and assisting to lessen city temperature and battle the heat isle consequence.


Various books and articles were studied in order to explain properly as to what a green roof is, how it’s built, its advantages and disadvantages. The information is mostly referred from the book Green roof – A case study by Christian Werthmann. The book is chiefly directed towards the customers’ prerequisites and contentment, instead of the fundamental green roof advantages. For instance, there is further prominence on worker/ individual usage of the roof above the customary advantages that roof greening supposedly bestows. Even though there are a number of appealing methods utilized, for example the grating over the sedum vegetation, it is relatively apparent that roof greening is for the influential instead of us ordinary people.  This book is ideal for readers who previously are familiar with the fact that green roofs are excellent for the earth, but are searching for methodological data on how to construct one. Other books such Green Roof Construction and Maintenance by Kelly Luckett, Planting green roofs and living walls

By Nigel Dunnett, Noël Kingsbury was also referred too.

Analysis of research question:

Vegetated roofs are in an inimitable place to decrease rainstorm water load in exceedingly developed regions for the reason that they are capable of re-inhabiting earlier unemployed rooftop room. Rooftop plantation is a smart and energy hoarding substitute to a usual covering. In some studies planted coverings have been established to diminish overflow capacity by 70 percent which is above a usual ballasted covering.

Types of green roofs:

There are dual kinds of green roofs: the first one is Intensive green roofs (which a lot of individuals conceive as roof gardens) have in the earlier period been quite conventional in their design, basically replicating what is likely to be discovered on the land, with turfs, patches and water traits. On the other hand further modern intensive green roofs can be exhilarating visually as well as ecologically, incorporating water administration schemes that processes squander water from the construction in addition to stocking up excess precipitation in constructed marshland. for the reason that of their superior plant substance and horticultural variety, intensive green roofs can call for considerable contribution of preservation reserves – the customary watering, trimming, snipping, and wild planting plus irrigation and productivity. (Luckett,80)

On the other hand, the green roofs that have acknowledged the utmost attention lately are extensive green roofs. They are created of insubstantial layers of complimentary draining substance that sustains low-budding, harsh dearth opposing plantation. Normally the deepness of growing means is from only some cm’s equal to a limit of about 10cm. These kinds of coverings  have enormous prospective for extensive function for the reason that, being lightweight, they need small or no further structural hold up from the edifice, and as the plant life is familiarized to the excessive roof top surroundings they want little in the techniques of preservation and reserve contributions. Extensive green roofs can be premeditated into new-fangled constructions, or ‘retro-built-in’ onto existing edifice.  (Luckett,80)

Cost of Green roof:

Green roofs engross elevated costs than conventional covering. It costs around a minimum amount of $8 per square foot, which consists of supplies, labor costs and fitting. Costing of approximately $12 to $24 per square foot is very ordinary. These costs might sum to five to ten times the price of most conventional urbanized coverings. Some cost can also be attributed to maintenance. Extensive green roofs have small preservation necessity but they are usually not preservation gratis. Preservation of green roofs frequently comprise of fertilization to augment flourishing and moist plant roof. Extensive green roofs ought to simply be fertilized with restricted discharge fertilizers so as to shun contamination of the storm water. Usual fertilizers must not be utilized on extensive planted coverings. (Freed, 278)

Pros of Green Roofs:

Green roofs are developing into gradually more admired in states across the country. The advantages of integrating green roof equipment can be calculated on numerous stages. Fundamentally, there are five most important environmental benefits for accepting a green roof structure, rather than employing the customary black or white contemplative membrane coverings. The most understandable advantages are storm water organization and compact power expenditure. Green roofs furthermore decrease the metropolitan high temperature island consequence familiar in the majority of big towns. Attributable to the capability of vegetation to emerge and moreover shade, vital usage of green roofs all through big cities can cause a breezy outcome, subordinating the warmth in city surroundings. Additionally, as green roof edifices are cooler and need fewer air conditionings, the succeeding aeration of hot air from an AC to the environment is diminished. Besides, high temperature is not preserved in green roofs the manner it is in black roofs, therefore the metropolitan can chill quicker.

Lastly, green roof technology expands covering existence and is efficient for resonance wadding in the structure, which is necessary for edifice situated in sound impacted regions, for instance places close to airfields, highways, or heavy manufacturing. (Werthmann,24)

Cons of Green Roofs:

The major drawbacks of green roofs are the elevated preliminary charge. Several kinds of green roofs do have more insisting constitutional standards particularly in seismic district of the globe. A number of subsisting edifices cannot be furnished with certain types of green roof for the reason that the mass weight of the substrate and plantation surpasses allowed motionless loading. Based on what type of green roof it is, the preservation charges could be elevated, however a number of green roof have modest or no continuing charge. Several types of green roofs furthermore place advanced commands on the waterproofing scheme of the construction together because water is preserved on the covering and as a result of the opportunity of roots piercing the water-resistant membrane. Furthermore, appropriately planned and installed schemes consist of root barricades. It is factual that setting up passable water-resistant scheme and root barricades can augment the preliminary rate of the roof, but, because of the actuality that a green roof defends the water-resistant membrane from the elements, predominantly UV rays, the existence expectation of the membranes is twofold or else even tripled, guiding to improved preliminary fee discrepancy. (Nigel Dunnett, Noël Kingsbury,74)


The majority of green roofs ought to be capable to utilize the already present rooftop drainage structure with only slight alterations. Because of advantages comprising of  power savings, improved roof existence, storm water lessening, ornamentation, and air superiority development, green roofs make logic for every novel coverings.

The green roof will diminish the entire quantity of storm water overflow by approximately partial in excess of the yearly rotation. Distinctions by period are predictable. Storm water overflow from the green roof is anticipated to enclose elevated altitudes of phosphorus, nitrogen, and additional elements, primarily, because of, firstly leakage of these supplies from the green roof emergent medium. The green roof is projected to considerably lessen the quantity of summer high temperature added through the roof by shadowing, insulation and cooling. The exterior high temperature of the green roof is estimated to be considerably subordinate than that of the control covering. Green roofs are multipurpose for every kind of edifice that have a leveled or low incline roof that can sustain the heaviness of the plants and its support structure.