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Humans in Comparison with Chimpanzees

Humans have been observed to share a few traits with chimpanzees. The aggressiveness in human males is also found in chimpanzee males. According to researches conducted on chimpanzee populations, it was observed that both male and female were irritated by the same amount of provocation but males were found to be enraged quickly than the females and would not hastate to retaliate (Jane and Phillip, 1999, p.126).

According to Jane Goodall in her book Reason for hope, evil is premeditated before it is actuated; like chimpanzees, men involve in activities that that they are fully aware will have dire repercussion in their livelihood but they do it any. There are many indications that the common ancestry that is shared between man and the chimpanzee might have been violent. Chimpanzees male kill each other for food and females, which is also a common occurrence especially amongst the hunting and gathering communities (Jane and Phillip, 1999, p.128). Chimpanzee’s males were found to kill their male counterparts to ease competition and show might to other group members.

Scientific research on sex differences and their implications on behaviors established that sexist is not a matter of nurturing or culture but is a naturally embedded trait in both male and female. The amount of testosterone level at birth in males is usually higher than that in females. Only a few females that were found to be having testosterone in their systems were found to be having exceptional behaviors; from tender ages they are found to prefer boy toys rather than the girl toys (Christine, 1992, p.42). Violence also is a trait attached to excessive amount of testosterone in the systems; men with very high levels testosterone are usually macho and many of them end up being murderous. With both cultural and scientific backing it is possible to analyze on suitable ways of resolving the disputes that are often caused by presence of male in the society.

Killing of male is a solution to chimpanzee disputes; whenever there are many males in a family of chimpanzees, quarrels   ensue and some males are murdered, this resolves numerous disputes that might have existed between them. The remaining males take over females that belonged to the dead chimpanzees. Humans behave in a similar manner, when nations/societies have a lot of youths they provoke their neighbors so that they can show their might if a war results. When many of the male solders/worriers are killed in the battles, communities resolve to solve disputes in more amicable manner.

Women in some warring countries like Israel and New Guinea had at one time been faced with a hard decision of eliminating all new born males to curb the insurgency in these countries (dailymail.co.uk). Although the move might be damaging both to the social and political circles, to a larger extent it would solve the war problems in these countries once and for all as there would not be enough males to engage in battles.

Male chimpanzees are obsessed with possessions; they kill other male chimpanzees for the sole reason of taking over their female counterparts. Humans fight for power and dominance; land and territorial control has been one of the subjects of wars in the world. As observed, men engage in battles when they feel they can sufficiently challenge their opponents. Sometime they are outwitted by their enemies and defeated in battle fields. After loosing a battle they do to resign but they plan on way of overcoming their rivals in future; these is the main cause for regional and inter-clan fights witnessed in most parts of the world. Men attach great importance to their territories or could be territories (Jane and Phillip, 1999, p.130). If lands and territories that are fought for by these rival groups were to be taken away, then the warring groups would have nothing to protect or claim.

The ability of males to be attached to the most beautiful world boosts their egos a great deal. This trait can also be borrowed from chimpanzees that were found to fight in order to gain access to their counterpart’s female partners. Humans have also fight in battles of this nature; although, no major fights have emerged due to women in the very smaller units of the communities people still fight over women (Jane and Phillip, 1999, p.128). If such people were denied access to women conflicts in some regions might be solved at least for some time. These are just a few reasons that make men to fight. There are many other reasons that result from men wanting to over shadow other men.

In conclusion, men have been fighting through the history of mankind and this trait can be traced from his ancestry as is seen in man’s close cousins, chimpanzees. To solve these conflicts and make world a peaceful country might not be possible as all the possible solutions might create other forms of conflicts and instabilities. It is more appropriate for men to solve their conflicts through the establishment of superior and impartial systems that would check all men and ensure conflicts between men do not interfere with peace and stability of other members of the society.

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