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Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the most populous city in the state of Nevada. It is internationally recognized because of its world class entertainment and gambling. By the year 2009, the city had an estimated population of 567,641 (U. S Census Bureau, 1). It is situated on the floor of the arid desert within the Clark County. The climate is an arid climate characteristic by the high temperatures and the environment is surrounded by some wild life and desert vegetation.

One of the worst things about the city of Las Vegas is that it has high divorce rates. The animated nature of the city is very tempting to many married couple living here and has contributed to marriage break ups.  The laws in Clark County allows for quick processing of divorce documents which makes it so easy for many people to break up as soon as they have a misunderstanding.( Bert, 1)

The stressful conditions in the city contribute to the high suicide rates. This can be attributed to the fact that some people become desperate and frustrated when they lose their properties and money while gambling. Some people move there with high hopes and when their hopes are not met they decide to commit suicide (Bert, 1)

Alcoholism and drug abuse rates are also very high in Las Vegas. This is very common with the gamblers who are also addicted to gambling. The unemployment level is also high in this city which has poorly ranked schools. The high level of unemployment has caused security to decline in the city. Traffic congestion with less courteous drivers is another ugly sight in Las Vegas. (Mark et al, 197)

One can spend a Saturday night in Las Vegas by visiting one of the luxurious hotels with plenty of entertainment. For instance music concerts, live sports, live TV shows, theatres and any other entertaining activity. For such entertainment, one can go to one of the hotels for an interactive log ride called Adventure Canyon. (Destination 360, 1)

A visit to the famous Bellagio Hotel will make one to enjoy the Bellagio Fountains which is a light and sound show, coupled with the fountain display. One will also enjoy the gallery of fine art exhibition that have come from museum. There are also splendid things to see in Las Vegas By visiting the Eiffel Tower Vegas which is located along the Strip.

On the Strip of Las Vegas, one can visit the Mirage Hotel and witness the eruption of the volcano which occurs once every fifteen minutes. A rest at the hotel with spacious rooms and good food is a must for full enjoyment. A drink while enjoying the friendly casino atmosphere makes one to relax.

Sky diving is another fun activity in Las Vegas city. This is a good place to see the world while in the air if you have no fear of faulty parachute. In fact this is one of the fastest tourist attractions in the city. The Las Vegas driving school is another place where visitors go to compete in a race with cars. Testing ones abilities at top speed driving can be one way to celebrate the trip.

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