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Mike Tyson as a Tragic Hero

Tragic hero can be considered as hero who becomes a victim of tragic flaw in his character that consequently leads to his failure or downfall. He is a person who stands out as a prominent figure in popular culture as a hero but is flawed. (George 1971).

Tragic hero has to posses specific characteristics that define his personality and life. He must have a very strong and standing social position in the society. Another quality that a tragic hero must possess is that, the person must have a tragic mistake that makes him to be a failure in life. (George 1971). Tragic character is usually a character of high birth and cannot be considered to be too evil or too good and whose down fall is usually as a result of tragic weakness or as a consequence of error in judgment. (George 1971).

When we look in the contemporary society there are many tragic heroes whose downfall is brought about by the mistakes they make or by fate that is, they are victims of circumstances. For instance Mike Tyson whose is a paramount icon in the history of boxing stands out to be a perfect example of a tragic hero. In the history of boxing, he grabbed the world heavyweight title at the age of twenty therefore standing out to be the youngest man to have ever won this title. He was even named ‘iron mike, because he could not be defeated in the ring. He is claimed to have possessed unusual qualities in the history of boxing that saw him win the heavyweight title twice. For instance he had unusual combination of hand speed and power that had never been seen before.

His downfall can be said to have been greatly contributed by himself and to some extend by fate. His downfalls overshadowed his successes and he entered down in history as a person who made millions of dollars only to go bankrupt overnight.  Some of  the ups and downs in his life that greatly contributed to his downfalls include the firing of his trainer Kevin Rooney, the persuasion of don king and also the loss of his father figure Cus D’ Amato. Tyson is said to have pushed away everybody including those who truly cared for him, something that he never realized until when it was too late and nothing could be done. (Joshua 2008).

The dark side of the life of Tyson molded him as a tragic hero and despite his outstanding record in boxing; he has been overshadowed by other legends in boxing for instance Mohammed Ali who entered the cannons of history as a noble boxer contrary to Tyson who is seen as an ear-biting hooligan who suffered difficult times in his life time as a convicted rapist.

Throughout his life as a boxer, Tyson did many things that painted his legacy in the bad light, for instance he was on several occasions arrested in possession of drugs such as cocaine and when a drug test was performed, he was confirmed to have been under the influence of stimulants, depressants and cannabis. He was once considered the most violent man on the planet and is said to have been resorted to a physical confrontation whenever there was a conflict.

The hardest blow on Tyson as a boxer was when he was in 1990 when he was convicted for rape of a beauty contestant, Desiree Washington; something saw him imprisoned for several years. Tyson is known to have made no apology for the crimes he had committed and that had a direct impact on his legacy. (Stewart 2006).

Although he had an outstanding performance in boxing, Tyson self-destructed his career and legacy and went down in history as a great boxer who failed himself and his fans. From His life it is clear that he had everything going right for him only to abuse thus becoming responsible for his own downfall. Although he was a Hero in boxing, for being the youngest boxer to win the heavyweight title twice, he stands out above his success as tragic hero who brought his career to a premature end.

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