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Models of Ethical Decision Making Process

Descriptive models tend to focus mainly on how people make decisions on their own in the course of their daily lives. They provide foundation necessitating how ethical models should be made as a framework for understanding. According to Witmer (2005) ethical decision making processes are inherently cognitive and depend entirely on different individuals and environmental influences. His argument is supported by Rest (1984,1986) who argues that models help to understand ethical decision making process from a physiological perspective.

Decision making process primarily involves perception of an ethical problem. In case, the Port Hueneme Police Chief Kathleen Sheehan faces charges which made her resign from the job. Therefore, we need to describe the situation and define the ethical issues to apply.  Kathleen’s case is thus described in the way she handled her docket as police chief. She secretly recorded confidential conversations with city officials’. She also participated in dismissal of a parking citation in August 2012. Moreover, she faced charges on issuing carrying concealed weapons permits.

Several alternatives are then identified on how to solve the problem. According to Arlene Martinez, the possible alternatives sought included Kathleen being placed on a paid administrative NO.26 leave so as to pave the way for investigation. Kathleen was using her individuals and environmental characteristics to make ethical decisions. Kathleen before coming to a conclusion of resigning from the job must have had projected the possible outcome. After looking at the projected outcomes, she then took the action of resigning which is the most important aspect in making ethical decisions. Before we make a decision, we should be able to identify the credibility and accuracy of information provided. Applying a decision making model thus provides the individuals are able to come to make well informed decisions.

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