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My Day

Every day I wake up at six in the morning and this particular day was no exception and by six in the morning I was already awake. I had made this my principle because of the statement that states that the early bird catches the worm and hence I needed to be successful and hardworking. First I reached out for my bible that was just next to the bed and on this particular day, I opened the bible in the book of Psalms 145 and then read verse 5 and 6. This verse reminded me to meditate on the majestic, glorious splendor of the wonderful miracles that he had performed and will continue performing. It continued to say that these praises to him should be on every tongue because everyone had seen the miracles that the Lord has performed. It then concluded that all people will proclaim of the greatness of our father. I then bowed down for a word of prayer to thank the Lord and ask for His guidance and his protection throughout the day.

Afterwards, I went to the kitchen and prepared a cup of tea and served it with a toast for my breakfast. Then I rushed to the bathroom for a bath and brushed my teeth. After that, I got dressed smartly ready for the day’s activities and I also cleaned and combed my hair. This was very important because cleanliness is second to Godliness and it would lead to great success because in God, there is success that is very eternal and long lasting.

At half past seven, I went to my work place. I worked as an accountant in a private company that dealt with the manufacturing and marketing of cosmetic products. I took the bus to my work place. However it is a long way from home and the traffic congestion holds me down. The traffic congestion is the saturation of vehicles as the number of vehicles increase and they compete for the available road capacity. The demand is higher than the available space on the roads. This is the case in this road that I use and this situation is made worse by weather events, traffic incidents like accidents and road works that could be in progress. There are so many negative impacts of the traffic congestion and these include there is so much wastage of time of the passengers and of the motorists and it eventually reduces the regional economic health. There are so many delays that are caused and they lead to late arrivals for meetings, education and employment and they lead to lost business, personal losses and disciplinary actions from the seniors and bosses. There is also the wear and tear on the vehicles because of too much idling in the traffic jams and the frequent braking and acceleration. This however could lead to spill over.

There are various measures that could be put in place in order to curb this problem of traffic congestion. These include creation of new routes, improvement of the traffic management, restricting parking in the cities, road pricing where every vehicle pays a toll, and setting up policies that help in curbing the traffic jams that have become so prevalent. However, after almost an hour I arrived at my work place. Though tired from the traffic congestion, I was ready to tackle the day’s activities.

I get to work however at some minutes past eight. My goal in life is to be insanely useful to others, in the workplace, to my friends and to everyone whom I come across. This is a worthy goal though I don’t always achieve it but it has helped me in the past. In my day’s activities I always ensure that I have touched a person’s life and I have been useful to someone somewhere. Someone once said that we are what we do repeatedly do; this made me to conclude that excellence is not an act but it is a habit that an individual forms. I therefore decided to form good habits so that I could be successful in the work place and in my personal life and also in the business.

Specifically in the world of business, the business person needs to form good habits that gives you time to do their homework, read the newspaper more often in order to get the latest news, time to dedicate to the personal endeavor, and have time to scout out new opportunities. These ideas would help them to expand their businesses so that they could earn more profits and minimize the costs to very low levels. In the relationship success, good habits are encouraged such as understanding the other person’s background and situations, knowing the other person’s dislikes and likes, insight into their desires and wants. These factors would help the two to have successful relationship that would eventually lead to marriage. Always record all the dreams and keep a disciplined journal of the successes that you have achieved in the past and also record the dreams and aspirations that you have. These records help the individual to remain focused to attain the set goals and aspirations.

Simplicity has been key word in achieving my goal and it has worked in my life. In this specific day, I met people who needed my help in getting the right directions and I helped them. Keeping things simple has really helped me to achieve my goal; I focus all my efforts to the things that I love doing most. I do not necessarily work in my office because of the payment that I get but because I love doing it. In the office I spotted my book that I was reading and came across a verse that said “Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be broken,” and I sat back to think about it and found that it was quite true and everyone needed to be flexible enough in order to reduce the number of broken individuals that is increasing at very high and alarming rates.

At around twelve, I had my lunch in a restaurant that was quite affordable to me depending on the salary that I received and then I rushed back to the office to continue reading the book that I was continuing to read before the lunch hour was over. The successful marketing plan and making of a business plan that would succeed was the reason why the book had been written. This book talked of how time management would be essential because of the thoughts and the actions that have great and big impact on time management. The successful earnings would be of great importance and because of the influence of successful knowledge that would be offered by written literature, advice from successful businessmen and other relevant informants.

It is always important to be proactive and surround oneself with the friends who have the positive attitude and also staying positive as an individual. This is putting oneself in the very right attitude for success. Helen Keller once researched and stated that “I am only one; but I am still one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something. I will not refuse to do the something I can do’ and this quote has really helped to know and encouraged me to do the very small thing that I am able to do. This is why I try all my best to do no matter how little capital that I have.  By the time I finished meditating about these quotes the lunch hour was over and we were back to each and every day job of preparing the financial statements of this company that I worked for. 

At around four in the evening, it was time to leave the office and I had to leave the office and ready to attend my evening masters classes in the University. However, the thought of traffic congestion made me to leave immediately so that I could get to class before it was half past five when the classes began. I get to class in time and ready to plan about the marketing topic that was a unit in the Master’s degree in commerce. I had chosen to study this course because in the future I wanted to own my own company that would deal with business matters. My goal was to make this company an outstanding and competitive both in the local and international markets. After the class at half past eight in the evening, I take another bus to home and by this time most people have gone home and hence the traffic jam has reduced and hence within no time I get back home again

I get home at around nine o’clock in the evening and then prepare my delicious dinner. I then take the food at around ten in the evening. I then watch the television for some time to get the latest news in the local and in the international scopes.  The television set also is entertaining and also informative. By eleven in the night, I am already tired and rush thorough the bible and say a short prayer before I quickly retire to bed.

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