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Supporting Affidavit

I, chief and president of the tribal meeting do hereby make an oath in support of application of immigrant visa and state as follows:

That Florence Asong, who is in pursuit of applying for immigrant visa for Mrs. Anasta is well known to me and to the members of the tribal meeting as the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Asong. Also Mrs. Anasta is well known to me and the members of the tribal meeting as the step mother of Florence Asong.

That the de ceased Mr. and Mrs. Asong are also well known to me and the members of the tribal meeting as the father and mother of Florence Asong. The two are known to us since their marriage and until their demise (Zagar, 1998).

That Mrs. Anasta got married to Mr. Asong after Florence’s mother passed away and left behind children that needed a mother care which could be the reason for Mr. Asong getting married to Mrs. Anasta to take care of the children (Frank, 2001).

That after the death of Florence mother, Mr. Asong got married to Anasta Asong in the year 1990 and has been married to her till his demise in the year 1999. He died as a husband to Mrs. Anasta.

That Anasta Asong has lived in the house of Mr. Asong since she got married till to date and have been living with the children of Mrs. Asong (deceased) in the same house.

That Anasta Asong took the responsibility to bring up the children of the deceased Mrs. Asong the mother to Florence as her own children along her children. She has had good relationship with the children of the deceased as she has brought them up as her own children. There has never been any report of domestic violence between Mrs. Anasta and the children of Mrs. Asong during their stay with their step mother in the presence of their father and even after his demise (Power et al, 1954).

That Mr. Asong passed on in 1999 living Mrs. Anasta with three children that they bore with him during their marriage and the late Mrs. Asong children.

That the son of Mrs. Anasta was chosen as the next of king after their father. The selection of Mrs. Anasta’s son as the next of kin was accepted both by the children of Mrs. Asong and Mrs. Anasta.That the facts deponed, hereinabove are true, to the best of my knowledge, information and belief.

Sworn at local chief area on

This 10th day of Jan 2010

By the said:

Area chief    -----------------

Before me

Commissioner for Oaths

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