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Tennessee Man Sentenced for Embezzling $1.2 Million from Contractor

The disappearance of millions of Dollars from the Dickson County Clerk’s office by an employee represents a case of ethical decision making in business. The manipulation of reports for people’s checks that had paid fees on cash represents a case of unethical practice. The case goes ahead to portray the impact dynamism of business law when tackling legal issues in the business curriculum (Kubasek 8).

This is showed by the way in which Simons, the County Clerk, handled the situation. He notified the county attorneys who later informed the district attorney. The audit to confirm the alleged theft was conducted by the state Comptroller’s Office through the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations (TBI). The tie between ethics, law and business ought to be well understood and the interrelationship between the three well understood (Kubasek 228). The employee has not been prosecuted since investigations are ongoing. However, the employee has been terminated from work for misconduct during the interview with the Comptroller’s Office of Audit and the TBI.

Trust as a business ethic emerges in this case. Even though Simons says he has no problem with the other viable he hesitates to replace the place left by the fired employee. This is because the theft involved a scheme which had taken place over a spell of time by the employee. He took advantage of cash payments for business licenses, registrations and automobile registration renewals by failing to record the payments but pocketed the money instead.

The use critical thinking skills is also important since the discovery of paper work when the worker was off led to the theft coming into light. Accountability on the part of the employee was lacking but the County has offered to take responsibility of its office failure to cover up for the money. Ethics, critical thinking and business are essential in the interplay between business law and business.

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