Warm Spring Pools

This thesis dissertation is an analysis of the tradition of building a warm spring pool for purposes of use during the summer season, and for recreation purposes. Architecture changes its form and design based on the traditions and lifestyles of the people around which a building is built. This reflects on their tastes and preferences. Bathhouses, architectural components of the summer pool find their origin in Bath County, Virginia, and other European locations. It is vital to have bathhouses because of the social status and class that it brings with them. Bathhouses and warm spring pool might find their explanations in the bathing traditions of some of the world’s societies. Different bathhouses are designed to be simple and purely functional. Some have little, if any, architectural decorations. The men’s bathhouses are quite different from the women’s because of the different needs and preferences. A warm spring pool is a vital component in a bathhouse, whether it is for use either by the male or female occupants.

Summer springs are constructed in the presence of mineral springs. To get the most out of this natural spa treatment, warm summer springs have to be constructed to offer comfort and leisure to the populace. They are designed for use by those individuals who love nature, and would like to pass some of their time in nature soaking up the healthy minerals that nature has to offer. The growth in popularity of the warm summer springs is due to the health and healing benefits of the mineral water from the springs. Virginia is home to an array of luxury springs. This is due to the numerous naturally occurring springs in the State that have made it a harbor for domestic and foreign tourists alike. There is architectural potential in warm springs mostly due to the health benefits of the mineral water and the luxury that the pools afford the holiday makers. The manner with which pools are built depends on the preferences of the architect contacted on the project. The Jefferson’s pool in Virginia consists of a wooden building in the shape of an octagon and can host over fifty individuals due to its large diameter.

Warm, effervescent pools in the midst of summer have succeeded in luring tourist to different tourist destinations. The manner with which warm springs are built and used has changed over the years. The condition of the bathhouses has improved over the years and treatment to customers is better. These houses and pools are in better shape and condition as opposed to ages ago when there was no architectural innovation into the structure and design of the houses.

Warm spring pools are rich in origin. The first men’s pool was constructed over bubbly, body-temperature and clear springs in 1761, one and a half decades before the country gained independence. The ladies pool was constructed a while later in the 1800s. Only the grand hotels had the resources to construct these luxury spas, and only the rich in society could afford the luxury treatment. It was a position of power, and the treatment that they got was unrivalled. A lot has changed from then. With changes in architectural designs and preferences also come changes in the clientele list. The pools are designed to accommodate an array of visitors from different social classes.

At the Jefferson pool, one can experience a relaxation of the mind and a rejuvenation of the soul. The architecture of the bathhouse is inviting and welcoming to the visitors. Soaking under the legendary mineral water compounded by a state of the art architectural development leaves the visitors feeling at home in the legendary spa. The manner with which the bathhouse architect chose to build the spa is indicative of a populace ready to relish the health benefits accompany being a visitor at the springs. The octagonal wooden building is open to the public, and unlike the earlier days, it is much more affordable. Different people, irrespective of their financial stature, can enjoy the benefits that come with visiting a warm summer spring.

Crystal clear, magnificent waters of different of different spas were discovered hundreds of years ago. Different people came up with the idea of increasing the benefits from the spa, as well as improving the experience of the visitors. For this reason, architectural structures are built around the spas to increase the benefits that customers get from visiting these locations. It is customary of different individuals to enjoy natural waters, only that the waters or warm summer pools contain minerals and serve medicinal purposes.

Different people take to the springs for different reasons. Some may be health motivated whereas others are purely cosmetic. Different individuals give different reasons for visiting the spas, but the beauty of the architecture used in the designs of the pool is an attracting factor to the attendants. While warm spring pools were traditionally thought to find use amongst the luxurious and wealthy in society, the dynamics of the spas have changed. They look better and increase the comfort of the attendants from all classes in society; they are more affordable now than they were in the past. Although the first warm spring spa was built long before American independence, it was only meant for men. The women’s spa was built decades later. Differences and advances in architecture since the building of the first pool have made the warm spring bathhouses affordable and accessible to a majority of individuals in society.