What Makes You Study in Brighton



  1. What is your date of birth?  Month————-Day—–Year———
  2. Are you male or female? ————-
  3. What is your nationality? ————–
  4. What is your native language? ———————-


  1. Did the university help you attain your career and academic goals?
  2. Does Brighton offer courses of your interest? How would you rate educational programmes of the university?
  3. Are there any career planning services at the university?
  4. Does the university offer job placement services to students?
  5. What is the quality of research and library facilities at the University?
  6. What kind of accommodation facilities does the university offer?

Discussion of the Results

From the analysis of results attained from the survey, it emerged that Brighton University is one of the most sought after institutions of higher learning in the continent of Europe. This followed the revelation that 95% of the respondents interviewed at different points in different times selected the Brighton University as the institution of higher learning of their choice. The respondents constituted of both the native populations and foreigners drawn from different age groups. In facts and figure, thirty respondents were within the age brackets 21-24 years while the remaining twenty respondents were drawn from the age groups of 18-20 and 25-35 years in the same ratio. Therefore, their selection of the Brighton University as their preferred institution of higher learning is an indication that the prestigious institution has maintained its high selling brand over the years.

The second part of the survey was centered on the selling points of the Brighton University among the respondents. Some of the parameters put into consideration included the relevance and propriety of the study programmes offered by the institution, quality of teaching and learning facilities, availability of world class accommodation services, diversity, flexibility of the teaching programmes and availability of the free job placements. These parameters formed the mantra upon which the popularity of the university is flaring fever pitch high not only in the European continent but in the whole world.

60% of the university study programmes and courses were the most demand responsive in the global labour market. Some of the courses that attract the bulk of new admission applications to the Brighton University included medical courses, Biomedical Engineering, Business Studies and Entrepreneurial courses, Biotechnology, Information Technology and Computer Science. Even though there are other universities offering these courses across the United Kingdom, the respondents did reveal Brighton University has a cutting edge over them for various reasons. The leading reason is that the curricula of various courses offered at the university are designed to meet the demands of the global market. A closer survey into the design of the university courses did reveal that the academic wing is in constant touch with the companies and professionals during the development of training curriculum to ensure that the courses meet both industrial and professional standards.

Forty two (42) out of the fifty (50) respondents agreed that the university is relevant and innovative in its educational approaches. Other than concentrate on the theoretical approach in it delivering its educational programmes, the respondents pointed out from the interview that the institution has fully embraced research as its main approach in addressing challenges and issues facing humankind in the 21st Century. As a result, the respondent unanimously came to an agreement that that Brighton University has a wider network of companies and professionals which serves as a training ground for the continuing students in the various fields of study.

When asked whether they are like the geographical location of the various campuses of the Brighton University namely Hastings, Eastbourne and Brighton, all the respondents openly expressed their admiration of the campuses. They were all mesmerized by the ease and convenience with which one can access London and Mainland Europe from the south coast where the campuses are seated. Tranquility and serenity of the physical environment within the campuses coupled with a cool climate round the year adds to their fascination of University. Further probing on the geographical positioning of the University campuses prompted 37 of the respondents to express their heartfelt desire to live on any of the campuses of the Brighton University off south coast.

The aspirations of the respondents to join any one campus of the Brighton University came forth as a result of state of the art of accommodation and learning facilities which many institutions of higher learning in Europe cannot compare with. The compartmental student hostels available at the campuses guarantee privacy to all students irrespective of their social class, race and nationality. In addition to this, the respondents were assertive that the post modern learning facilities at the Brighton University are ideal for the industrial and professional training in the twenty-first century.

The respondents attached more value to the post-modern learning facilities because they translate into first-rate support and teaching in the sense that they allow students to use the latest of technology and equipment in preparation for the future professional practice. Virtually all the respondents strongly agreed that Brighton is an outstanding university in its peculiar approach of presenting its students with the learning opportunities to gain professional and industrial experience before passing out into the labor market. Most strikingly, the respondents did reveal that Brighton is the only university in Europe that freely opens its doors to all students notwithstanding race, gender, nationality and social background. Simply put, Brighton University values diversity in its admissions and programmes like no other.