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Are Social Networking Sites Good for Society?

One side claims that social networking sites are good for the society while the other side feels that they are not good... Details

Negative Effects of Media on Children

Present times permit the use of merely all the benefits resulting from the technical advancement making everyday life a... Details

Social Media Essay Example

Social media is a perfect platform to attract customers, sell goods and services, gain and lose reputation. Using paid and free services and creating live communication with customers enables to enlarge profit and customer’s loyalty. From the beginning internet was just a platform for ... Details

The Ageist Attitudes & Beliefs about the Elderly Reflected in Mass Media, Television & Films

The aging of the population is considered the phenomenon of the modern world. In fact, the today’s society is significantly affected by the aging process, which causes not only demographic but also economic and social changes. In fact, the increase in the proportion of the elderly people among the population... Details

Cults Essay Sample

Cults is a phenomenon firmly built on methods of persuasion, otherwise it is unclear to people who are not involved how members of the cult could have agreed to enter it so blatant are methods and tricks used. Simultaneously with a derisive term ‘cult’ it can be rather difficult to decide what in fact cult is. Definitions of cult can vary from a person to a person. As the saying goes, Someone’s cult is another’s religion. In order to gain a person’s favor, cults resort to numerous persuasive techniques and ... Details

Should Social Media Use be Encouraged Among Teenagers?

The modern times has seen many people especially teenagers, using more of their time on the internet and social media. Many people belief that social media usage is beneficial to the society and to these young people since it brings increased learning and increased interaction. Others believe that the benefits of social media are too much and it should not be ignored. They argue that internet and social media usage should be encouraged for more globalization and development. However, this should not ... Details