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What can Foreigners Working in China Learn from the Chinese Culture?

Our world is very diverse. Every person who comes to the foreign country faces with the problems connected with difference of cultures. It is important to know about the customs, religion, and mentality of the citizens of the country. Despite the fact that China and India are both Asian countries, there are a lot of differences in their cultures, and Indians working in China should know them. This paper aims to show the differences and similarities between Chinese and Indian ... Details

American Indian's Image in the Media

Over the past few years, Hollywood and media has distorted the image of the American Indian consistently. The American Indians, distinct victim of the history, were portrayed as savages, and this wrong image has influenced over many people until now. It impacts their mental, sexual and religious vies. In fact young people shun away from competing in the global segment. They suffer from inferiority complex. They believe that Americans are superior to them. This essay examines how American Indians were suffering ... Details

Using Communication Theories in Life

An effective and productive teamwork is not an individual effort. The group members have to work together as one unit to provide good results. Leadership in a group... Details


In the age of the growing technological dependence, people forgot about the real meaning of the word freedom. Unfortunately, the freedom is a relative term nowadays because anyone can be destroyed by a certain use of information that is available via the Internet. Details

Digital and Social Media Marketing

This report elaborates on two marketing pieces, represented by Volkswagen Group and McDonalds corporation. They showcasing show, how the application of social and digital media marketing in commercial aspect could either build or destroy the social image of the company that communicate such piece. Details