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Young People in Media

According to Best (2007, p. 5), media all over the world carry immense powers in influencing how agendas are set in the... Details

The Media and the Society

Journalism is an important profession that highlights and addresses important issues facing the general population in or... Details

E-Marketing Strategy

To a larger extent the number of customers a company can reach defines its contemporary business environment. However, w... Details

Media's Role in Vietnam

Vietnam is a country rich in history, which was entangled in armed conflicts for nearly two decades. Different forces pl... Details

Workable Theory of Persuasion

There is a difference between persuasive and informative speeches or talks. Unlike in informative speeches, a persuasive... Details

Media Manipulation and Subliminal Messages

As pointed out by Keith (23), radio broadcast has dependently linked the current information to the people around the wo... Details