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Advertising is known as a form of communication that uses persuasion to convince its audience to respond to it. The audience to the advert can be viewers, readers or even listeners. The advertisement usually persuades this audience to use the product or service being advertised. The advertisements are usually aired by media houses, but the producers of the product or the company offering services are the ones who pay for the advertisement. Advertisements usually have a tremendous influence on people, because if they like the advert they will go and buy the product. This essay will identify three adverts and analyze them. In addition, it will discuss the significance in the American culture and also its significance to the expansive groups.


Gatorade is a brand commonly known for its sports energy drink. It also deals with other products like the nutritional bar and protein beverages. This brand is owned by Pepsi Co and is distributed all over the world. The drink was first invented by a group of researchers at the University of Florida. The drink's main purpose was to replenish the energy lost by those who were involved in energy demanding work. The drink does this by refilling carbohydrates and fluid lost during intensive physical work.

Gatorade has been rated as one of the most used drink in the United States. Many legendary sports persons are known to use this sports drink. It is said to account for about seventy five percentage of the sports energy drinks markets. In fact, it has been known to compete with other world wide brands. An example of this brand is the lucozade energy drink.

The ownership of the brand has passed from the innovators to the Stokely-van camp Co, which was to make sales of the drink.  Stokely-van camp was later acquired by the Quaker oats company, therefore, transferring the rights of the product to them. The Quaker oats company was the first to venture into foreign markets with the Gatorade product. In 2001, though the brand was acquired by Pepsi Co, who added it to its beverage and food products Harms and Keller pr.4).

Gatorade has had significant advertisements that have had an impact on people. The first of this advertisement was in 1967. It was during the orange bowl. The gators defeated the Georgia tech yellow jackets.  They accredited their winning to the drink Gatorade. This made Gatorade venture into the athletes market. In the same year, they also landed a contract with the national football league, where Gatorade was made the official drink for the league.

The most influential and successful advertisement of the Gatorade brand is probably the ' be like mike advert' in 1991. In this advert, they used the renowned Michael Jordan off Chicago bulls. They used Michael because his team had just won the NBA championship.  This advert was monumental because of the use of Michael Jordan. They were able to beat other products, especially in the energy drink market. The slogan became so popular that everyone was using it.

The other advert that Gatorade has had success with is when they introduced the Gatorade tiger. In this campaign, they used tiger woods’ as the main figure behind the advertisement. This was a new product by Gatorade, and it was able to venture into a new category of athletes, the golfers. The advert encouraged people to drink the drink and remain hydrated and of clear mind as a successful golfer does. This brand also introduced the aspect of having low calories.

The recent advert by Gatorade is one where they have re-branded the product to simply G. this advert used athletes from various types of games. They also include Michael and Tiger whom they had used in their previous adverts. This advertisement has names like Mohammed Ali, known for boxing and Usain Bolt known for his excellence in the field of athletics. In this advert, Gatorade was keen to bring in new faces in their advert. This was so as to make sure they reached the new market that now had new athletes in picture.

The main aim of these advertisements is to encourage people to remain hydrated. As the slogan for the adverts run, ' hydration for concentration'; showing their dedication to hydrating people. They aim to help athletes to remain hydrated as they lay their games. It also purports that with Gatorade; one can achieve maximum concentration in their game and emerge as a winner above others. The adverts have emphasized this by using winners or stars in various games to show that Gatorade surely works and has helped these stars to emerge winners.

The Gatorade adverts have a specified group of stereotypes it focuses on. Their products are meant for the athletes or the jocks. They exclude other people who are not actively involved in any games and who may want to buy the drink. What the adverts have done is affirmed these kinds of people and make them look decent. It would look weird if a person who not an athlete was taking this drink. Although, the advert may also have attracted a group of admirers of the athletes to purchase the drink because they somehow want to be like them.

In the American culture today, there is emphasis on image rather that the product that they are advertising (Harms and Keller pr.6). This is evident from the above three advertisement. The ads care more about using the right person to shoot the advert, rather than simply advertise the product. They use people who matter in the society today. These are the prominent and popular faces like Michael Jordan, tiger woods and Muhammad Ali. They are mostly aiming to create an illumination of the product.

Expansive groups are those groups that have the tendency or the ability to expand. These groups of people also tend to expand at a very high rate (Patti and Drolet 3). The other characteristic of these expansive groups is that they are full of high spirit and are optimistic. In the population pyramids, the expansive groups are usually found at the base they include the children and the youth. These groups are always increasing at alarming rate than those at the top who are the aged population.

Most adverts in the market make their adverts having these groups of people in mind. The companies main aim is to make profit and top find ways in which they can maximize their profits. They will therefore focus their attention at a group that has potential to offer the profits they seek. The Gatorade adverts are made for the youth. Many athletes are known to prosper at a young age and when they hit thirties they are no longer able to excel in their sports.

Many adverts usually have promises that they make to their audiences so that they can persuade them to purchase the product. The problem though arises if these promises are not met once the consumer has purchased the product. This leads to the consumer being disappointed and later not buying the product ever. The major promise that the Gatorade product promises are hydrating its consumers in the case where they are dehydrated also replenishing their energy.

Additionally, the product promises excellence. This may not be brought outright, but the fact that the people thy use in the adverts are successful people and not just ordinary individuals makes a silent promise. The consumer's mind will operate that once they take the drink they will become like the stars. For instance the 'be like mike advert' that ran in the media. This ad promises the consumers that once they take the drink they will be successful as Michael Jordan. The adverts may be influential but they fail to mention that it is not only the drink that will bring success, but also some hard work.

Some of the adverts by Gatorade have been known not to work. An example of this advert was the G advert. This advert had so many new faces and was congested with so many stars.  This may lead to confusing the audience especially the youth. One may not be able to know whom to identify with and whom to leave out. The other failure of this advert was in changing what was familiar to many people as Gatorade going to simply G.

The portfolio that the brand later developed was successful. This was because it identified the product into groups of products from which the consumers would choose. These groups made it easier for a consumer to identify with, and to choose from according to their particular needs. They broke down the products into standard, fit and pro. This was to depend on the athlete level of energy and nutrient requirement. This new advert was brilliant because the advert even incorporated people who may not be athletes but may require energy drinks.


Advertisements usually play a vital role in people's daily lives today. These advertisements involve making promises to the audiences and influencing their daily lives. The Gatorade adverts represent the athletes.  It also focuses its adverts to the youth, who are an expansive group. Meaning they have a high likelihood of expanding and are always ready for change. The Gatorade advert has identified these groups, especially the youth as their focus group.  Their main reason for this is they want to focus on a group that will bring in profits.  These adverts also make promises to these groups, so as to get them purchase their product. The good thing though about these adverts is that they are influential especially to the youth. The adverts are undoubtedly significant because they have made Gatorade be named a top drink in America. They have also made a positive influence in the athlete community as more and more athletes are buying Gatorade.

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