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Communication Technology Update

Communication in the society plays an instrumental role in influencing development of communities, social interactions as well as cultural passages from one generation to the other.  Sharing of information promotes not only mutual relationships but also is the fundamental aspect is unification of cultural disparities as well as accommodation of the differences. Notably, communication from the perspective of both traditional and contemporary society played central role in resolving conflicts as well as establishing allies. In this case it is apparent that information passage influences various factors not only in development but also in social structures of communities. From traditional perspective communities deployed various communication models and channel to reach audience. The models were designed to acts as an identity of particular society as well as achieve the fundamental objective of communication.  Based on the scope of development in innovations in the world different communication models emerged aimed at replacing the previous methods that posed ineffective in communication as well as mutual interaction. However, due to the perpetual innovations in the technological world coupled with integration of diverse ideologies, communication has experienced tremendous development in the recent past. In addition, the gradual process of globalization highly influences innovations compatible with communication demands in the society. For instance the social media is a perfect product ushered by innovations in technology to boost communication.  On this ground communication is highly effective and comprehensive interaction between the sender and receiver is promoted. Although modern communication models are effective and compatible with technological innovations, debate on capacity of traditional models to facilitate communication via social media as well as innovative technology is extensive.      

Nature of traditional communication models

Notably, communication sector has experienced intense development in the recent past mounted on the tremendous development in technological sector. In addition, innovation in the sector are geared towards facilitating communication, boost interaction between individuals and corporate. On this ground advancement in communication coupled with technological development has played a significant role in ushering modern communication channel based on traditional concepts. Traditional models can be described based on capacity to facilitate communication as well as to boost interaction in the contemporary society.  The communication models involved various processes between the sender and the recipient during a communication cycle. The fact that communication channels were characterized with rigid and long process, communication was described as relatively ineffective especially in facilitating social based interactions.

In addition, the fact that traditional communication channels involved long technical process the models were not only ineffective but also slow during communication cycles. From this perspective communication in the society based on the traditional models involved lack of comprehensive interaction during communication and only designated areas had the facilities. The long process of operations calls for continuous monitoring by the relevant personnel to oversee system optimization. The notion of cost to maintaining traditional communication channels was high based on the vast number of employees in communication chain. Also, privacy in traditional communication models was insufficient due to vast processes involved and each process was monitored by personnel to maintain efficiency of the process.  In addition the issue of geographical location was core hindrance towards effective communication in the globe. Basing communication on geographical location not only establishes communication loopholes in the channel but also portrays the notion of isolation of particular geographical location from the rest of the world. Therefore, traditional communication models isolated particular areas hence lacked to promote comprehensive communication as well as human interactions. The traditional communication models were limited to the established line of communication and the notion of flexibility was not well promoted in the channel. On this ground communication was hampered based on the established connectivity in the channel.

Based on the technical aspect of traditional communication models the channels deployed devices as well as designed based on old technology. Therefore integrating modern communication channels with the traditional models calls for extensive restructuring of the model in order to facilitating interfacing with modern communications. The process is not only complicated but also expensive in restructure the traditional model to interface with modern products like internet and social media. From this perspective, traditional should be deployed in limited areas of expertise rather than restructuring the entire system in order to interface with modern commutation demands.

Communication model demands in the contemporary world

Communication in the current era of technological development not only promotes cultural integration but also establishes an apt platform towards social-economic development. Notably, the process of globalization that is gradually ushering global village is highly mounted on enhanced interactions as well as effective mutual communication among diverse communities in the globe. This not only highlights the complexity of communication but also portrays the demands of the sector in facilitating effectiveness in interaction and meeting the stipulated demands either from an individual or corporate perspective. Internet connectivity in the society promotes communication, interaction and boost economical advancements in the society. The fact that world is continuously being transformed to global village technological advancement is paramount in ensuring interactions as well as effective communication is achieved. Emergence of social media in the globe highlighted development in communication sector and enhanced technological development affiliated to the sector. In addition, social media is a development from the traditional mode of interaction that deployed traditional model of communication. Notably, traditional communication channels were characterized with vast inadequacies in communication as well as scope of interaction through the models was not only limited but also deployed rigid operational protocol .

Demands in communication system highlight the scope of development of the society. Therefore, social and economical structures should be mounted effective communication models that meet respective demands of communities in the globe rather than deploying a traditional system characterized with inadequacies in performance both in social structures as well as interfacing with innovative aspects of technology in the contemporary world. Therefore, innovative and diversity are core demands of communication models especially in the current society characterized with intense human interaction and need to integrate broad cultural values. The demands of communication models highlight position of society in technology as well as trend in innovative world.   


Traditional communication models are characterized with both beneficial and inadequacies in facilitating interactive communication. The models were developed in order to meet communication demands in years ago rather than the contemporary. Based on the limited demands of communication in traditional period coupled with minimal innovations especially in technological world the models posed relevant as well as appropriate in facilitating communication in the society. In addition institutions and individuals interacted on the basis of commercial purposes rather than for social and culture integration notion. This made the traditional models pose as effective avenues of interactions in the society with minimal inadequacies. The efficiency of the traditional models was relatively high due to the notion that the demands of the channels were simplified. However, the perpetual innovations especially in the technological sectors coupled with the process of globalization demands of communication models have become not only complex but also broad due to the high levels of interactions in the society. From this perspective, deploying traditional models to meet demands in social media is beyond the scope of the model to effectively attain the stipulated demands of communication in the contemporary world. In addition, the social structures in the social are broad and establishing traditional communication model characterized with selective geographical location can culminate to non-interactive communication channels that are insensitive to cultural diversification in the society.  

Based on the gathered information, traditional communication models are characterized vast areas of inadequacies in case deployed in the modern social media or interfaced with technological innovations in communication industry. On this ground communication can be hampered culminating to gradual reduction in social-economical development in the society. In the era of high internet connectivity in the globe individuals as well as corporate are using communication models to either establish an appropriate reputation in the society aimed at creating an apt interactive platform to boost suitable social principles. However, applying the traditional communication models not only eliminates the aspect of instructiveness in the society but also is limited to a particular geographical area as well as audience. Although the aspect of restructuring traditional communication model aimed at interfacing with technological innovations can boost applicability of the channels the process is expensive and time consuming. In addition the traditional communication channels require close monitoring and maintenance. This portrays the financial demands of in modification of traditional communication model to facilitate social media as well as interface with technological innovations.


Communication is plays an integral role in the society in facilitating not only comprehensive interaction but also promoting integration of diverse cultural practices. From the above findings should communicant model have experienced tremendous changes in the recent past, Also, technological innovations is inseparable with communication channels especially in the current era of technological development. Notably, traditional communication channels posed paramount in facing communication during past decades however, debate on endorse the models in the modern world in facilitating communication in high. However, based on the nature of traditional communication channels with the demands of communication models especially in the current era of technological development, traditional communication models are inadequate in facilitating interactive communication, promoting social media via technological innovations in the industry.      

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