E-Marketing Strategy

To a larger extent the number of customers a company can reach defines its contemporary business environment. However, with today’s growth in technology, distance is no longer a limiting factor, when it comes to marketing of products and services. The internet provides a unique platform for business people to market their products and services to customers from wherever there may be. Arguably, e-marketing is the single most effective way of selling to customers who are sparsely located across the world and is suitable for all kinds of businesses; whether small or big. It is the use of tools such as social media, websites and mobile phones to make awareness of the people. However, caution and expertise are required, while approaching e-marketing since it can be challenging to sustain in a highly unpredictable environment. As different people continue to embrace e-marketing as a tool for reaching customers, it is vital to inculcate best practices in e-marketing insofar as customer satisfaction is concerned. This paper outlines an e-marketing strategy for a business enterprise.

According to Bailey & Kaushik (2011), e-marketing strategy is a tool that helps companies to meet with customers from wherever they may be located with a view of maximizing sales at lower costs. E-marketing utilizes several tools including social networking, electronic tools like emails, and websites. This paper presents an e-marketing strategy for a Hair and Beauty Company, and it gives the profile of all the details, concerning the marketing strategy of the company.

Laverne Luxurious Remy Hair Product and Services Company will engage in selling of hair products and service to its customers located in this country and elsewhere. The company expects that most of the targeted customers are in this country and, therefore, the company will offer delivery services of products that are ordered through its website.  This is expected to increase and even retain some of the company’s customers.

Laverne Luxurious Remy Hair Product and Services will provide all beauty products available on the marketing. Some of the products will be imported to provide a variety of selection for different customers. As a means of attracting and retaining customers, the products will be delivered to the customers on different basis, depending on the mode of ordering. Customers who order products through our website for more than two times will be offered discounts on subsequent orders, depending on the value of the products ordered.

The price of product will be based on the number of times a customer has ordered the same product through the website. Discount will be based on the mode, through which the customers have ordered the product from the company. Similarly, the location of the customer will be important, when it comes to after sale services such as transport and training on how to use the purchased product.

Since the company is going to be visible online, it will be able to capture a number of customers from different places in the country and even abroad. Though the company lacks its own shipping company, arrangements shall be made to provide shipping services for the customers who place orders from abroad through established courier companies at an agreed fee. The company has the opportunity of investing into other products, depending on how customers are going to request (Bailey & Kaushik, 2011). Thus, customer requests shall be utilized to inform the stocking of particular products, especially those that are in high demand. The internet will make the company to be visible to potential customers on a 24-hour basis.

Another strength of e-marketing to Laverne Luxurious Remy Hair Product and Services is the capacity to measure the visibility of the company to its customers through analyzing the number of potential customers visiting the website and making orders. E-marketing also enables the company to evaluate its strengths and easily and quickly adjust to rectify where there may be a problem (Smith & Chaffey, 2002). Through e-marketing, the company will not require to carry out a costly research to determine the kind and location of its customers, as this information will be available through use of internet traffic tools

However, the company faces the challenge of diversifying into the already saturated market of beauty products and will require investing heavily on e-marketing to catch up with the already established players in the industry of beauty products.  The company will develop a website to enjoy the benefit of global visibility, as it diversifies in the area of e-marketing. The company also requires investing heavily on acquisition of computer equipments and hiring of experts to monitor the internet traffic and make replies to requests from customers.

Laverne Luxurious Remy Hair Product and Services will establish a personalized approach to its customers. These will include: direct phone calls, use of e-mails and friendly requests through social media such as Face-book and Twitter and will act as a way of linking with its customers to allow the company to establish a personal relationship with them. E-mail marketing strategy will be used in sending information to potential customers, using their e-mails, in addition to ensuring direct contact with its customer. This is because e-mail marketing will assist the company to establish a good working relationship with the customers as well as those who are willing to buy the products of the company. Additionally, the company will use tools such as after sale services like guidance on the use of the purchased product to build trust between the company and the customers.

The company will focus on the competitiveness of the products and services and the threats that are posed to on-line marketing. The particular area of concern will be insecurity issues and integrity of our customers to avoid losing products to defraud customers. Similarly, concentration will be on the use of existing social networks with the view of utilizing the large numbers of customers that are using social networking.

Laverne Luxurious Remy Hair Product and Services will focus on young women who are more likely to be in beauty products. However, e-marketing will also target the older generation with the objective of arousing their interests in beauty product. On the other hand, the segmentation of our customers will vary, depending on the cost of the product.

The company is planning to collaborate with renowned search engines like Google, and Baidu to provide visibility to our customers through pop up ads and priority search word to get an advantage of customers browsing the internet, particularly in the area of beauty products. As a strategy to obtain more visibility on the internet, Laverne Luxurious Remy Hair Product and Services will utilize the search engine optimization techniques to attract as much internet traffic as possible towards its website (Smith & Chaffey, 2002). This will attract the targeted audience who will then be directed to the company’s website. Additionally, the company will form partnership with similar companies, including online advertising bureau, to provide platform and expertise in online marketing to enhance the visibility of products to customers.

Another strategy that the company will employ is the use of online advertising. Much investment will be channeled to online advertising through paid up advertisement using websites, blogs, sites, and other similar portals to enable the company to get considerable amount of traffic from the internet users. Similarly, affiliate companies will be used as partners to provide a platform for hosting advertisements in exchange for the same. This will translate to the company making savings on money used for advertising and, thus, increasing the visibility of its products at a lower cost.

Similarly, Laverne Luxurious Remy Hair Product and Services intends to use online newsletters in communicating information about their products to customers through the internet. This will be done on a regular basis but will be based on the consent of the customer. The company hopes to capture the interest of these customers who will be regularly informed about their preferred products. They will equally be informed on the new arrivals in the store. The use of e-mails, phone calls, live chat facilities, and online newsletters will provide a feedback mechanism to the company, so as to enable the company to measure and assess customers’ satisfaction. The company website will also bear active company contacts both physical and electronic to allow customers to make conducts anytime.

Laverne Luxurious Remy Hair Product and Services will also utilize media newsrooms to enhance its visibility to those customers looking for specific information about particular products. Media newsrooms will also be beneficial, as it will allow bloggers and journalists to advertise the company in other media channels, thus, improving its visibility to the targeted audience. Additionally, the company will formulate a privacy policy to protect customers from illegal access of their personal information by other companies for purposes of advertising or any other without the consent of the customers themselves. It intends to use spyware and opting out options to protect the customer from unlawful use of their personal information (Rana, 2009).

Similarly, Laverne Luxurious Remy Hair Product and Services will apply geolocation software to determine customers to facilitate delivery of ordered products and provision of information about the company’s products that are relevant to the need of specific customers in specific regions. Parameters such as country, region, state, or organization will be utilized to locate customers, based on their location.

The internet service provider will be chosen based on the usability and efficiency in delivering a large number of traffic (Rana, 2009). As a beauty products’ company,Laverne Luxurious Remy Hair Product and Services intends to sell its products globally and, therefore, require an internet service provider that is efficient in handling a large volume of traffic. Thus, the ISP will be selected based on experience and a proven record of accomplishment. An efficient ISP will be useful in analyzing internet traffic and, thus, assist with tools to compile a report to be used in enhancing the business.


In conclusion, it is, therefore, clear that e-marketing is a powerful tool in the marketing industry. However, there is a need to have a well-planned e-marketing strategy to avoid missing aspects of online marketing that can cause a company a great deal. Equally, issues of privacy and personal information require to be addressed with clear minds, as they can land a company into problems if personal information is used without the consent of the owner.