In the age of the growing technological dependence, people forgot about the real meaning of the word freedom. Unfortunately, the freedom is a relative term nowadays because anyone can be destroyed by a certain use of information that is available via the Internet. People are using social media in order to interact, share information, and even date. However, the comfort always costs something, and the cost for the comfortable cooperation is too high. For now, people are enslaved by chains of the modern social media, which absorb terabytes of the reliable data that can change the life of nations. The government can get any information that once appeared on the Internet and used it in their own way. Social media companies also grant the needed information to reliable instances that might find a good use for a certain statistics. Moreover, people could be tracked easily via the Internet because they are all connected to the one web that connected each of our online profiles. There is no freedom left in the world – people are naked and unarmed in front of the strong power of social media, and their mistakes cannot be forsaken.

The term privacy is always used to describe a certain type of information that might be significant for the narrator and describe his or her life’s traits that might be secret. However, the implication of the social media in our life granted the opportunity for people to share their thoughts without any further concern about the future of that data. People share their pictures, thoughts, intentions, emotions, and even significant information that could change their life for worse in hands of the masterful user. People might use the information about you in their favor. Many cases of job application rejections due to the irrelevant content on the Facebook page are evident within the current society. Sometimes people do not understand when and where their shared information might be used against them and they do not think about it constantly. However, insurance companies, as well as employers, can constantly get the needed information on the Internet by simply Googling your identity. Some thieves use people’s posts to rob houses while killers use the Internet information to track their potential victims. Moreover, some unintentional photos might even help people to get you account information, credit card digits and other information that might be used against you on the daily basis.


The personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act (PIPEDA) is the legislation that was advanced to secure people’s privacy within the Internet. PIPEDA’s main goal is to secure the information flow by providing specific limitations and rules to certain ways of its usage in order to promote the safety of that data. It is used to regulate cases within Canada. PIPEDA gives advice to the court or organizations how to regulate the information properly while their main objective is to ensure that all parties are aware of their rights and possibilities. Moreover, it is important that they can guarantee that the private information that could be gathered in any organization will be kept safe and will not be used in a way that the first party could not even imagine. It jurisdiction spreads rapidly while states with the common legislation are allowed to regulate these issues on their own. On the other side, PIPEDA regulates business while social media is one of the most recognized businesses around the world. Furthermore, a specific business can use social media for their marketing purposes, which trigger a set of a problem considering the social media usage. Therefore, PIPEDA’s regulations apply to social media, but the regulation of its jurisdiction within the social network has to develop further.

That protection appeared to be ineffective due to the fact that different countries have different laws related to the private information flow. As we have learned in class, people are unprotected due to the cost-ineffectiveness of the protection committees. Unfortunately, it is too expensive to track hackers and deal with them so that countries made the choice to ignore the treat instead. On the other side, regulation within country appeared to be effective and that can be proved by the advanced promotion of the PIPEDA. It gained power, and the bill was passed that confirmed its jurisdiction within the country. Their aim is to deliver the best possible privacy information regulations and that is the right direction for them to follow.

Considering the fact that the privacy issue became very popular nowadays, people started to make raise awareness of the current problem. However, there are many ways to deliver the needed message to the right person. Hence, there are boring ways like social science lectures that are used to deliver statistics to a person who will never remember that data the day after tomorrow. On the other side, people also invented more attractive ways to change people’s attitudes. One way was to create the game that will input the person inside the system of the information flow and explain the way how that information might create profit. One of these ways is a Data Dealer game that can be played even on Facebook. The game aims to describe all relevant cases that relate to the information flow. You are created to be the ruler of such system, and your goal is to spread your power and invade the world. First, you cannot afford a lot of things, but when you level up the system, you are able to hire different lawyers and psychologists to defend your strength. Moreover, the main goal is to sell the information and get more money while there are many instances that might be interested in that information. Moreover, you have to use that money and earn even more to invade other characters and invade the whole world. The more information you have – the more powerful you are in that game. The information also defines the amount of money you get and the speed of your growth. Unfortunately, you can play only when you are at the full energy, which makes the game attractive rather than informative. On the other side, its sarcastic manner created the real feel of the rudeness and power of the guy who controls everything while he can also avoid any lawsuits by paying more money instead. That is the cycle of profit-for-more-profit growth of the given company while the direction of its growth is relatively simple. Hence, the game gives us the understanding of how the real world is constructed and how social media companies avoid problems. That game is one of the best mini-games that I have played so far.

I think, the most effective way to convince people of something is to make them scared. I think one of the best marketing choices here would be to construct the virus that can get into the computer of the player. That virus will slowly gather the information without being noticed. However, after 24 hours of gameplay, the virus can freeze the screen and reboot the computer while creating a message like “Ha-Ha, ‘his or her name.’ We got you again. Your information that will be no longer private is ‘the list of information that might be even important to that person.’ You had to check your games and websites for viruses better.” That will scare a lot of people if they are not able to do anything with their computers for some time. It will not be very costly to create that kind of virus, but the thing is that it could provoke the worldwide awareness and implement change. People would never do that again while they will be more self-conscious next time about things they download and upload. On the other side, the game could ask for certain private information at a certain point. If the person shares that information with the game, the message will pop up “You have not learned anything out of that game. What a pity.” I am sure that could raise awareness as well as increase the popularity of the game. Gossips and rumors about any product raise its effectiveness and people would think twice next time before inserting their private information on the Internet.

To summarize the issue, it should be mentioned that people all around the world forgot about one of the defining traits of the freedom – to be able to handle all consequences. Unfortunately, when the one shares the information – it cannot be erased from the web. Therefore, he granted the opportunity for someone to create the outcome that can destroy someone’s social status, fire the employee, steal money, and kill people. PIPEDA was created to regulate the flow of the private information, but the problem is that people do not care about it. Luckily, there are many ways to deliver an appropriate message to people’s minds which include the Data Dealer game. The only way to stop the unexpected flow of the private information is to stop being the source of its spreading action.