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Leon-Charles Thevenin Essay

Leon-Charles Thevenin is an outstanding French engineer and scientist who made a great contribution into the development of the new theorem of dynamic electricity. He was working on the extension of Ohm’s law. His primary aim was to analyze the complex electric schemes. Let us have a look on the main concepts of the Thevenin’s theorem.

Leon-Charles Thevenin received a good education. He graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique, and two years later he acceded to the France’s national electrical communication company Postes et T´el´egraphes where he was working till the end of this life. As he was a comprehensively developed personality and had good knowledge in the engineering field, he was suggested to be an instructor in the engineering department. While teaching his course he set in new ways of explication of different techniques and the complex electric circuit was one of them.

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Thevenin’s theorem  is an electrical theorem for the linear electrical networks. It ascertains that a scheme of voltage sources and resistors may be transformed into Thevenin’s equivalent. This equivalent is a pruning technique, which is used while analyzing the electric circuit. The Tevenin’s equivalent can be considered as a good power supply or battery. Admittedly, Thevenin was not the first one who discovered the theorem, Hermann von Helmholtz a German scientist began study the electrical circuit. Nevertheless, Thevenin rediscovered this theorem.

Actually, this theorem provides necessary tool for solving complex electric circuits by decreasing them into one voltage source in the range with a resistor. Although is theorem deeply ingrained in the science, some scholars emphasized:

This general theorem was originally proposed by Th´evenin in 1883, but it has not

been in general use until recently. However, the engineers of the American Telephone

and Telegraph Company have used it since about 1904.(7).

To sum up, Leon-Charles Thevenin is a remarkable personality, whose inventions are  paying attention to. Being a highly qualified specialist he managed to put forward the equivalent generator theorem, which is widely used nowadays.

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