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Life Style Improvement through Mass Media Theories

To ensure appropriate passage of a message to an intended person, communication is necessary. As a result, strategies that enable effective communication are necessary. Therefore, scholars have tried as much as possible to come up with various communication theories to enhance communication (Griffin, 2008). In addition, mass media theories employment is something of concern to ensure proper passage or conveying of the intended message. In the paper, the main aim is to analyze a case on communication based on the various communication or mass media theories.


Summary of the story based on personal experience

In real-life situations, information that one gets from the media are extremely crucial. This is because, through what we read in books, what we watch on the television, and what we find in the internet may influence our actions. For instance, they change our live style, and the way we are. Therefore, in this paper, the story is all about how I managed to change my life style due to the information I obtained from the media. This is to show how much influential the media information can be to an individual. In most cases, influences that can result to one from media information can be either positive or negative. My life style has been affected both positively, and negatively. This is due to, the information I have obtained from books, what I watch in the television, and what I find from the internet. My cultural aspect of life has experience a lot of influence together with my agendas in life.

Aspects of the story or episodes I am going to analyze

In this paper, the situation I am going to analyze is how through the media, I managed to improve my status. This is base on the various media sources of information. In the earlier days, I lived an exceedingly frustrated life due to restrictions from our culture. This was due to a strong believe that maintenance of cultural practices was essential. Although this was a positive thing in ensuring cultural development in the country, I led a miserable life. I could not conduct my own activities to ensure that I improved my life style because culture could not allow me. I only did what was essential and basic to me to ensure survival. Other things that were not essential and considered luxuries were not part of my actions. I used to live a life of an average common person because of my financial statues that were extremely low. I had not learnt to depend on my own in ensuring financial improvement. I depended on other people to support me in other areas, and such people did what they saw as being extremely essential and ignored luxuries too.

Analytical Framework

Section introduction

In this section, an analysis of my case is going to be done based on the three theories. These theories include the MCLUHAU or media ecology theory, HALL or cultural studies theory, and SHAW and MCCOMBS or setting of agenda theory. This aims at determining the relationship that exists between these theories and my case. In addition, it aims at determining the effects of these theories on my life.

The theories used introduce and brief explanations of their key concepts

According to many scholars, several definitions of MCLUHAU or media ecology theory are given. For instance, Strate Lance states that it is a theory that tries to explain the environment of media. This environment includes the idea of technology and the various techniques; modes of communication; and communication codes that play a significant role in affairs of people. According to Postman Neil, this theory tries to explain the various strategies on how the communication media affects the perception of human beings, their feelings, value, and how media affect our survival chances. All this aims at expounding the media environments.

The theory of cultural studies tries to explain the various strategies employed in coming up with an understanding of generated meaning through various cultural practices (Murphie and Potts, 2003). In addition, it tries to explain production and dissemination processes involved in the passage of information trough media. According to agenda-setting theory, it is true that news through the media has enormous influence on audiences (McCombs, 2004). This is, due to, the information given, which at times are worthy or not and even at times they are prominent and deserve some attention.

The concepts applied

In this case, some of the concepts I am going to apply during the analysis include the fact that communication counts a lot in all we do. As a result, it is necessary to ensure that an intended message passes to the intended person on time. In addition, the medium used to convey information also play a significant role to ensuring conveying of a massage or information in a proper way to the audiences. This is because; the way a message is put across will determine the way an individual will perceive and incorporate what is being said into his actions. Furthermore, it is worth nothing that history mattes a lot in determining the future reaction by an individual to a message. Therefore, the concepts to incorporate are to bear in mind that communication, medium, and history matters a lot. As a result, during analysis of the case, it is necessary to incorporate all these concepts.

Analysis of the case

Section introduction

Case analysis according to MCLUHAU or media ecology theory

According to this theory, it is noted that the media environment have a vast role. After reading books, watching television, and conducting a research over the internet, I was able to identify individuals who were able to improve their life style . This was due to the constructive information they extracted from these Medias. It is necessary to ensure that communication is possible, appropriate choice of medium, and history matters. In my case, I considered these three sources of information to be the best. This was so because of the historical or the experience I had from such Medias. Since I had lived a miserable life that involved continuous dependence on others, I was advised to be close to such Medias. People told me of how they managed to improve their status through these Medias. It is then from such medias that I managed to identify the various strategies that could enable me to improve my status.

Case analysis according to HALL or cultural studies theory

According to this theory, people hold onto a strong believe that culture is important in influencing an individual’s behavior. According to our culture, people depended heavily on financial assistance they got from those perceived to be financially stable. This happened to me, and I also became a victim that depended on others for financial support. Over years, I could not do what was my own and what generated some income to me. I was never independent, and each time I requested someone for support. However, after some time I decided to be so close to the various programs over the television, and conducted own research over the internet on how one can be able to improve the financial status and life style. On finding out this, first it did not sound well to people with our cultural background. I had to struggle to my level best to explain to them the positive consequences of being independent. I was able to do this though various studies I did from books.

Case analysis according to SHAW and MCCOMBS or setting of agenda theory

According to this theory, it is believed that the news through the various medias are of enormous effect or influence on the audiences. As a result, during communication of a message or news through the various media, possible influences do come up. In addition, historical events have a significant impact, as well. In my case, obtaining information through books, television, and the internet was of a significant role. In most cases, I used to visit the internet, read books, and watch television and more particularly relevant areas to get the information I desired. Sure enough I was able to get all information necessary and thus improve my life style.

The case problems isolation

What went wrong or right, how it went wrong or right, and why

At the course of trying to come up with a solution to the problem of dependence, many challenges came across. This was due to the conflict that existed between our culture and information I got from the various Medias. It was an uphill task in trying to convince people to come in terms with my suggestion and decisions. However, after some time through the various theories I was able to convince them of the positive impacts that could result due to individuals being independent.

The explicit or implicit theories that guided decisions or actions in the case

As earlier stated, some of the theories that assisted me to make some this decision were,

1.         MCLUHAU or media ecology theory

2.         HALL or cultural studies theory

3.         SHAW and MCCOMBS or setting of agenda theory

People who embraced culture and traditions saw my decision as being unrealistic. However, after some time with the guidance of these theories, I was able to explain to them that this could result in substantial benefits to society. Some of this benefits I highlighted as being possible to the society include economic improvement that could be reflected by an individual’s life style.

Explaining the above problems or issues in terms of the theories, I have picked

How the theories help me to explain, predict, or provide insights into the case

The theory of media ecology enabled me to identify a suitable source of information. I was able identify a source or media that are considered and trusted by many people. Therefore, based on this theory, I was able to convince my opponents with facts that the sources of information were most trusted. The theory of cultural studies enabled me to analyze the various dos and dons of the various cultural groups. After an analysis, I then decided to take a step that did not infringe or cultural practices. Even if it did infringe the course was justified. The theory of setting agenda enabled me to take action based on set objectives of such action.

Identification of aspects of the case not explained by my theories

Some of the issues in my case that might be difficult to be expounded by the theories include; the way I convinced people with my cultural background on the benefits of independence. It is just because they are seeing some sense from the justifications I give for my action. At first, people appeared rebellious of my action. After thorough explanation and supporting evidence I gave them, they appeared convinced and willing to take up my suggestion.


Effective communication is essential to ensure that communicating parties come into terms with various issues under discussion. As a result, employment of the various communication theories is essential to avoid miss understandings. In addition, they enable one to be tactful in conveying a message to intended parties who might not be in agreement with ones action.

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