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Media Trends and Communication

Digitalization and high speed broadband networks signify positive Innovation in organizations. Broadband is Data transmission technology offering higher data than the narrow band service. Distribution of diversity in physical infrastructure to emerges social websites. International corroboration may play relatively to determine the global open nature of the internet in the modern generation.

Organizations have realized that it has become the thing of the past to have a one-way communication with its customers. For businesses to make a profit, it is imperative to ensure a two-way communication and not a one-way communication. Getting new customers to the organization and retaining them needs many positive efforts from the management. The question remains on how to achieve this organizational goal. New media are providing a committed business relationship between customers and organization, therefore, producing enormous profits. Traditional advertisement does not have the power to network and connect with its customers effectively hence becoming dormant and outdated in organizations. This influences most organizations to switch to modern advertisements. Modern advertisement refers to be viral and has the capability to connect with its customers in a two-way communication. This two-way communication involves direct communication and direct feedback. Organizations are engaging in interactive websites like face book and twitter. Through these links, customers become familiar with the organization. This persuades the customer to do business with the company through a connection in the mind created by the social media (Ward, 2003).

Social Medias such as twitter used to generate ideas through putting advertisements in the space utilized most by most organizations. This implementation is mine gold to many organizations. Desperation portrayed by many organizations trying to interact by engaging customer’s interest so as to retain more customers. Wining customers trust has become extraordinarily easy through blog about companies product. This practice is for the sole purpose of direct feedback from the customers.  Companies use millions of dollars to maintain a high quality media service so as to retain customers. Customers will always relate and do business with a company they feel comfortable (McPhail, 2010).

Good example is a clothing company, which will spend a lot to advertise its commodities in social Medias such as face book and twitter. Idea here is to attract millions of youth who spend most time in social media networks.

Social networking technology is changing ways in which organizations are doing business through implementing new media communication techniques. In the virtual world to business, many organizations exchange information and ideas among customers through the evolving media technology (Chandra, 2004). Organizations displayed by new technology in recent world maintain competitive advantage in the market. This is by use of websites and links that rank the site as a buying strategy. Distinguishing among organization is almost impossible due to the advancement of the internet. However, the greatest accomplishment of all is transportation of information, data, human voice and imaging.

There are several types of new media technologies used by selected organization for the improvement of production and facilitation of competitive advantage. One of the media technologies is the web application, known as the Web 2.0. Information sharing and user centered design associate with web applications through Web 2.0. This site allows interaction and collaboration among users. This site comprises of social networking sites, blogs, wikis, video sharing sites, hosted services and web applications.

Media news perception is influential than paid advertisement according to consumers perception. Favorite media coverage is extremely beneficial to the organization when it comes to public relations and consumers find it to be a valuable procured. Whatever the media will say cannot be med by the marketer. This becomes a disadvantage of media communication. Lots of efforts, however, are needed to generate media interest than in traditional.

When an organization uses internet technology to publicize an event or a public matter about the organization, information well understood because the information brief. The information given to be publicized should not exceed two pages. All double-spaced in length, additional information can be made available in a different page. Through blog, multiple points can be shared between the organization and its customers by the use of media technology. Blog is an online voice providing positive information on topics about organization's experience. Exposing the organization to different points of view from its customers helps the organization to improve on its service delivery. Eventually it helps in overall organizational growth. Organizations prefer blog as a positive way to get immediate feedback from its clients. For instance by  analyzing peoples response after analyzing clients feed back after  postage of information about a certain product this assists the organization to take better decisions. Blogs use has grown worldwide.

Blogs facilitate corporation and reaches out to customers in a wider region. Organizations communicate with peers and potential customers through social media. Spreading the conversation in a relaxed way helps to personalize the brand. Social media technology has changed the way things in modern organizations. Organization use the social Medias can promote the services or commodities they already have. Recruiters in organization search for potential candidates to work in the organization as employees through social Medias.

Nonprofit making organizations are sponsored by Google as leverage. These organizations advertise using Google though free sponsored links. This is a free award from Google and does not charge the organization any fee. This facilitates advertisement in these organizations through Google to achieve various goals. Organizations awarded account by Google outreaches the general public. Activities advertised include advertisements on fundraising activities. Examples of these organizations are UNICEF.

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