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Multitasking and Business Communication

According to Crenshaw (2008), multitasking has one major advantage of increasing the productivity in a workplace since several tasks are accomplished at the same time. Similarly, multitasking helps to remove the aspect of prioritizing work or projects as major tasks can be done alongside minor ones. In addition, Crenshaw (2008) has noted that the skill also works to make employees alert since they are aware that they are handling several tasks and have to increase their concentration.

However, Edwin (2012) notes that multitasking can be demanding on the part of the employee to the level of causing stress. Equally, the feeling of being overwhelmed with work can also lead to poor quality of work. It is also difficult for the workers to differentiate between major and minor works. Similarly, the knowledge of possessing multitasking skills can blur the sense of urgency and importance to some works and this can lead to delay in delivery.

Besides its benefit of increased productivity, Jelinek (2010) argues that multitasking can be stressful and, thus, impact negatively on health and general well-being of a person. Studies have also shown that multitasking lowers the intelligence quotient by ten points in addition to general breakdown in physical well-being because of the resulting chronic stress from multitasking (Guffey & Loewy, 2010).

In order to improve the productivity and creativity in the multitasking environment Jelinek (2010) suggests that workers should identify projects that require undivided attention and perform them as such. The workers should also be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of multitasking and be encouraged to accord each job the kind of attention that it requires.


In conclusion, with proper consideration of the accomplishing tasks duration, multitasking can help ensure that short-time jobs are done within one sitting to avoid time wasting. In the same manner, multitasking makes it easy to accomplish jobs that are dull and require longer time as it helps avoid boredom and routine formation.

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