New Product Lumia 1000

With the smart phone market being the latest battle ground for competition, Nokia is pulling up their socks in terms of product design and customer satisfaction. Their latest product in the Lumia line is a true work of art. This new model, Nokia Lumia 1000 is an improvement on all the exciting features of the previous models wrapped into one exquisite and visionary model.

The concept phone will run on an Intel Atom 1.8 GHz dual-core.  It also comes with a 41 megapixel camera. This is guaranteed to add prowess to the art of photography. More to this, it has abundant memory, 64 GB of internal memory and microSD slot. Other additional features in this model include an accelerometer, Bluetooth, GPS and a state of the art FM radio. It is also one of the few phones in the market that have an option for a touch screen or a QWERTY keyboard (Charlene, 2012).

Among the most exciting features therein has to be the 41 megapixel camera for a TV function. One no longer needs to have a TV set to view all their favorite programming. This portable handset has all that in the little compact device.

One might be a bit skeptical about the phone since it runs windows 8 rather than windows phone 8 (Thrystan, 2012). However, this needs not be an issue since the two are not extremely different. In fact, this is an exciting and innovative move by the company to deliver to their customers the best product possible.

This product is largely based on the incorporation of Nokia Lumia 900 and Google glass. The best attributes from these two products were combined and improved to give this newest product. The slim model of the handset is also a key attribute. One also has a wide variety of shades to choose from, hence defining their personal style. This is surely a must have electronic, in this age of technological advancement.