Information Security Statement

The very area of information security is an exciting area or discipline which is adopted by most of the mathematicians, computer scientists and engineers and scientists of other domains. The very history of security is related with the mathematicians, cryptographers and cryptanalysts. The very purpose of the adoption information security field is to understand the various technical aspects which are associated with security issues of information. The very application of the information security is broadening its scale but there is also the need to cope with the issues or problems of the infromation security which are being faced by the engineers and scientists. There is another aspect, of mathematics which forced me to choose the very discipline of information security, associated with infromation security which helps a lot in understanding the crptography. As knowledge sharing through internet is being preferred throughout the world and for this knowledge there is also the need of data assurance that the data must be protected from any loss or corruption. There is a vast field in which we can do research that how we can save our data from attacks, viruses, Trojan horse and many others. So the very purpose to implement security is to save or protect the data. For better protection of data many different measures are taken e.g. patch management, filtering, hardware and software redundancy and better control over the access of the data, and after adoption of such measures we can achieve better results for data or information sharing among different users on the network. The validity of information security is applicable in many domains of life especially it is considered very important in business also. Most of the business companies or organization use different information security management systems for the safe handling of their important and private data. These information security systems offer a wide range of security features to the users in a company. Companies or organization ever try to save their data or info that is vital for their survival so it is clear that the very data may be exposed to others who may get benefit from that data and this exposure this would ultimatley shatter the market share of the business organizations or companies. So the business companies or military personal in a country have the wish to adopt such methods that would help to diminish the exposure of the confidential data which is shared online or using a network system.

The adoption of new information security methods would help to detect the new malware deployments and would provide the ways for protective and efficient handling of the incidents. Information security is also associated with planning and control because the implementation of security procedures would help us in handling different operations safely. Further the business are growing in a fast pace and alongwith it they are also becoming very complex so the right information is very necessary for running a business in an effective way. For attainment of different sorts of data organizations have to set their goals in term of privacy and that privacy is achieved after implementing robust sort of security procedures.

I have adopted the discipline of iformation security is based on some goals which I have in mind. My first goal is to explore the issues or problems which are being faced recently by different companies and organizations and on the basis of the information which I will get from these organizations I would try my best to provide efficient and effective ways to solve these issues or problems. Further I have strong skills in mathematics so keeping this advantage in my hand I an interested in crptographay and crptanalysis. So after successful analysis of the problems I would try to wirte different effective algorithms that would help in safe handling of data across global networks. Further I have interest in writing methods that would help to prevent different sorts of attacks which play a vital role in corrupting data or simply the very prevention from the viruses and trojan horses which still are not blocked or their solution is not provided.  So keeping in view all the informatio or knowledge which I have got through academic resoureces I have choosed the very area of information security and on the basis of the issues I have streamline the goals of my research.