Ipad Technology

Technology and its development continue to influence daily normal life of human being. An Ipad is a personal portable computer fitted out with a touchscreen as a main input device. It normally designed to be operated and owned by an individual. One of the best things about Ipad is that it incorporates the mobility of the phones with the technological ability of the MacBook. Therefore, it allows an individual to check and send emails, use social networks, play games, surf the web along with the host of other capabilities. These features, along with the presence of large screen and fast internet connectivity make an Ipad the most desirable and highly ranked technological product available in the market. The features in this device make it immensely popular among the businessmen and students. This is because its design makes it efficient for the user to access e-books, surf in the internet, stream live videos as well as listening to music (Nichols 57).


The use of ipads is becoming more incredible and useful to teachers and students in most colleges and Universities, more and more students use laptops in their study. Since Ipads are friendlier to use their usage will continue to grow. This makes ipads a topic of discussion. Companies like Apple have already started to distribute Ipads to even high schools. It is thus necessary to identify if Ipads will help in advancing education or they may have any health related issues to the users. Ipads can improve learning because they are a lot easier than carrying around a laptop (Nichols 66).

Ipads use in schools should be encouraged because students will not have to carry heavy textbooks around campus. With an ipad students will be more organized. Students will no longer need to carry heavy books that to some extent put strain to the backs of growing teenagers. On matters pertaining to student organization, assignments or notes would not be lost before tests. This is a common thing when student use books (Angela 103).

From the above discussion, more people or stakeholders in education should get interested because in some years to come, the use of ipads among students will be a common. Therefore, gathering more information on the use of ipads among students will help all stakeholders in education to increase the benefits may be accrued from ipads (Angela 122).


Ipad has different aspects and features which will be evaluated in this essay. This includes the speed of the overall system. The screen glass and its resistance to finger print and scratch, the mode text input, the battery life when in video or audio playback and the ease of recharging, the internal storage size, software and applications, optional accessories such as mouse, cases and audio jack and technical specification such as processors speed, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options (Nichols 22).


The technology behind ipad is that which enhances the processing speed. The setup of the overall system has an integrated dual-core processor which many laptops do not have. This makes ipad a better option in comparison to laptops. Ipads also come with a full touchscreen display something that many laptops do not have in the market. The screen has a liquid crystal display of 10024 X 768 pixels. The ipads’ screen is also scratch resistant making more durable unlike an ordinary computer screen (Angela 39).

Another significant thing that is evident in ipad is that it can stay for long without recharging unlike a laptop. It can provide ten hours of video or 140 hours of audio replay. Ipad has three internal storage sizes of 16, 32 and 64 GB flash drive. It also comes with an SD card reader something that many students would look in a device. Finally, ipad provides several accessories and soft wares. Applications are like you tube, iBook’s, spotlight and maps (Nichols 98).


This evaluation is most appropriate to students due to the presence of wide characteristics in the Ipad that makes their educational life easier. The device has IBook’s, notes; calendar, spotlight search and other application that make student life in school simple and friendly. Its feature also helps the student to be organized and to keep schedules. In overall, the Ipad is phenomenal pieces of technology deserve its current ranking in the world of technology (Nichols 80).

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