Network Administration

Background Information

Before the questions of the task are fully analyze and formulated, the assumptions of the case studies are to be encapsulated and summarized.  The first assumption of this study is the assertion that the targeted agent occupies the position of the network administration with the discussed company and therefore the agent is entitled to utilize all capacities of the network administrator and all relevant actions can be conducted by him.

The second assumption of the case study is that the network of the discussed company is located on the single domain and the protection systems of the network are confined to the application of the firewall anti malware software systems.  This firewall system is connected to the computed designated as NS1 and this computer is located to the Internet. No artificial impediments to the internet connection are created. This computer equally runs the DNS server and the firewall permits the DNS inflow traffic to flow freely between the servers located remotely in the internet and the reviewed DNS service. However, the data exchange between the internet and the internal network is proscribed. Round robin regulates the DNS Server Service.  The firewall also protects two other computers, respectively labeled NS2 and NS3. These computers in their turn are regarded as primary and secondary DNS servers of the Contoso Company.

Question 1

What actions shall be taken by the administrative staff of the company to enable the network users of the company to get accessed to their host names?

First and foremost, it is necessary to highlight that four alternatives shall be discussed as prospective alternatives. The first option is to disable the recursion on NS2 and NS3. The second option involves the netmask ordering type on NS1, while the third opportunity is the configuration of NS2 and NS3 computers to utilize NS1 as an internet forwarder of the system. The fourth available option involves the disability of the round robin on NS1 computer.

Since the proper analysis is fully completed, it becomes evident that the most relevant strategy is the configuration of the NS2 and NS3 to use NS1 as an internet forwarder of the system.   Under this option, it is particularly necessary to accentuate the fact that the disability of the recursion system to utilize the so-called iterative queries will not give them the possibility to resolve the external domain names. The procedures targeted at the possibility for netmask ordering will ultimately enable the client to make their orders more effectively, but on the other hand the clients will not be able to use external  addresses to meet their needs. The configuration of the nS2 and NS3 to use NS1 as the major internet forwarder is the best opportunity to name a successful resolution of the internal clients and therefore this option is the most advantageous for the company under present circumstances.  The fourth option is equally well not applicable for the present situation  due to the fact that the disability of the round robin really contributes to the prevention of the load balancing systems, but it does not guarantee that the internal customers of the firm  can resolve and ultimately utilize their external host domain names.

Question 2

In this section of the report, the network administrator is requested to find out why the internal users of the company cannot obtain their IP addresses and what actions can be done with regard to this issue.  The available options includes the creation of a secondary server located in the marketing department of the firm, which will ensure that the users are capable of managing their own zones freely and without any necessity of the IT specialist to interfere to the processes.  The second available opportunity is the delegation of the marketing domain to a DNS server into the Marketing Department of the company.  the third feasible opportunity is the placement of the domain controller running the DNS system  into the marketing facilities of the company to insure that the staff of the department can seamlessly.  The fourth option is the upgrading of the network infrastructure of the company with the intern to enhance the network performance of the firm.  Having analyzed the proposed opportunities the most acceptable opportunity seems to be the second option, since the location of the marketing domain within the computer line of the Marketing Department in where the staff of the company can effectively exercise control without any external interference of the IT staff of the firm and to introduce the necessary changes.

Question 3

How the employees of the firm can get access to the data providing that other employees of the firm shall not receive the date unintentionally?

The available options for the effective realization of these tasks include the configuration of a GPO to establish the Folder Redirection approach to redirect to the home directory of the ultimate user and to provide proper link to the necessary OU. The second strategy is the configuration of a GPO to fix the Grant User Exclusive Privileges to the My Documents folder to the link of the requested OU and the latest and the most relevant option seems to be configuration of the targeted GPO, so that the Folder Redirection system will ultimately definite OU units.  Since the rights are to be provided to the intended users, but absolutely restricted, the most suitable seems to be the third option.