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A computer network entails different computers interconnected to each other. Thus, there are different types of networks, which make it essential for a person to have the background information on networks before choosing the type to be installed. The three types of networks are WAN, WLAN, and LAN.

This paper explicates different types of computer networks.

Local Area Network (LAN) is a type of network that links network devices, which are at a short distance. Thus, it is mostly employed in schools and buildings that are at a short distance. It should be noted that LAN mostly employ Ethernet or Token Ring for their connectivity technologies. LAN is implemented as a single IP subnet in networks that involve TCP/IP.

Wide Area Network entails a geographically dispersed collection of Local Area Networks. Thus, Wide Area Networks cover a large physical distance. A gadget called a router, which translate LANs into WANs, facilitates this. Notably, WANs are not owned by any single organization as it functions under distributed management. In addition, in both LAN and WAN, the address is maintained by the router. The technology employed in WANs includes Frame Relay, X.25, and ATM that facilitate connectivity over longer distances (Gitman & McDaniel, 2008).

According to Gitman & McDaniel (2008), a Wireless Local Area Network refers to a network that provides a link between two or more devices through the wireless distribution method. In addition, it entails a main access point through which it provides for connection to the internet. With this type of network, users are able to move around within the boundaries of the local area that is covered and still access the internet. Users must have computers that that are WI-FI enabled in order to use this type of network. This network is advantageous for both home and commercial users because it is cheap to install and could be used by many individuals at a go.

In conclusion, a computer network refers to the interconnection between a wide range of computers providing access to the internet. Various types of networks that include WAN, WLAN, and LAN exist and individuals should make various consideration before deciding on the most effective type of network to use.

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