Super Mario Brothers

The Super Mario could be said to be the successor of the Mario bros. this title was designed by the dual of Nintendo Takashi Tezuka and Shigeru Miyamoto. According to Eric-joh, the game was mainly developed so as to progress the Nintendo’s athletic games (4). There is the inclusion of a soundtrack CD which is a great compilation of music that is memorable from Mario franchise. Those who grew in the 80s have good memories of playing the game.

People are always hyped about Mario for several reasons. This is because it is easy, entertaining as well as unforgettable. Most people enjoyed the super Mario bros on the NES indoors or at the arcades. The music, characters and architecture has been well perpetuated from the 80s throughout to 2012. Most enthusiasts can tell if it is a Mario game by just listening. Unlike the computer game, the Nintendo gives one an experience to always remember because it defines what exactly gaming is (Sloan, 197).

Most people who played the game still miss the game to date. The memories of super Mario still flow in the players mind. The likes of Mario kart, super Mario brothers and even the recent Mario Galaxy 2 all have shown how the world is consistent. Some have even inspired their kids to go back in time and play some old games that were played by their parents (Andre, 345). Virtual console has made this possible. Some adults however have decided to fill the Mario gaps because when studying they had no time to play hence have started on super Mario sunshine and super Mario bros. 

Comparing the X-Box game and Nintendo game

The Xbox was debuted in 2001 in the US which was then succeeded by Xbox 360 four years later while Nintendo Wii was introduced in late 2006 and were very successful (Kent, 4) Both of the consoles are based on the DVD, offer internet connectivity which is integrated which gives the players an opp ortunity to game with their friends online. The hardware of Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii differ.  Though the Xbox 360 has had a number of reconfigurations since it was originally released, at 2011, it had an integrated processor XCGPU. It also had buttons that were touch sensitive, five USB ports, a component video and hard drive configurations of 250-gigabyte.

The Nintendo at 2011 had two USB ports, S-video out and a Wii console that supports a composite video. The physical specs also differ; while the Xbox measures about 8.5 inches, a width of 6 inches, weighs 3.84 lbs, the Nintendo Wii is much smaller. The Xbox is designed in a way that it has an expandable support through USB. The only disadvantage is that regardless of the real physical capacity, the console can only support about 16GB. Nintendo Wii is able to read data from memory cards (NP, 58-66)

Comparing the super Mario bros 1 and super Mario 2

The super Mario 2 is a game that does everything brilliantly. It showcases till now an obsession for the gold. The coins are not the only way of getting more points but instead it they serve as a commodity that drives the player forward and instilling a very high urge to grab the most at any level of the game. The screen on the main map has a counter showing the number of coins the player has collected since the cartridge was loaded into the 3DS.  They steadily ramp up as you continue playing. There are fewer incentives to collect the coins other than so that you can brag; it reminds you of the progress you have made. This makes the player want to accumulate as many coins as possible. One finds himself making rather risky jumps that if you were playing super Mario bros 1 you would ignore just to get more coins. This aspect alters the mindset and excites you even more (EGM, 8).

In super Mario 2, you are given one life, death means that you have to start all over again and a time limit that must be adhered to. You are expected to rush through 3 levels that are random collecting as many coins as you can all the while. When you conclude all the three stages, your total is piled up then committed to a memory. You could choose to make your score available through streetpass and challenge other players to outdo your score. The mode should have been improved by including leader boards online (McCloud, 27).

The visuals of Super Mario Bros 2 are familiar. The characters possess extra polygons as well as incidental effects which are neat like glowing lava during the palace stages. Most of the parts are an upscale of super Mario 1. 3D is used so subtly such that it looks irrelevant. This is because when you adjust the 3D slider, the background moves out of focus. There is little benefit to be got from playing the game with the auto-stereoscopic 3D on. Just like in super Mario 1 the music is on point. Nintendo should have infused multiplayer mayhem to super Mario 2. Players should be able to play side-by-side with friends (Craig, 9-17)

It’s embarrassing that online participation was not factored in. the move would have extended the longevity and made the game more interesting as you would be able to play with others around the globe. The coin rush limited to streetpass is clearly lack of innovation. Super Mario’s bros.2 recycles past glories of super Mario’s intelligently. This is arguably among the most enjoyable games. The immense fun has a brilliant design level that is bound to keep one glued to the 3DS system for months no matter how bad everyone wants to add other fresh adventurers that are exciting. Super Mario bro 1 has terrific control and has great presentation while super Mario 2 additional modes may not be as interesting as the main game (Buchanan, 3)


The tunes are those of classics that are well-worn. The song is in the culture just as democracy is. The game sounds are diverse and good. When on the ground, underwater or even in the castle, there is the most unforgettable music which never gets old. This is rare in the new games. Everything you jump or hit has a unique sound. The sound effects are crisp and clear which puts the predecessors to shame. Most people find themselves whistling to the familiar tune.

Opinions of Players

People love Nintendo and super Mario bro for various reasons ranging from the music, the story, the graphics such as the animation and bright spites, while others love it foe the simple controls (Sheff, 27). The story line keeps one playing till the morning because of the princess who is in a castle and yet you want to see her drives one to continue with the game.