Technology in Modern Family TV Series’ Sixth Season


Technology is an inherent component of the present society. It is evidenced by the recurrent reference and presence of certain technologies in the television series. Introducing certain elements of technology in media, such as TV shows is an important factor in increasing the popularity of their use. as well as disseminating information about how, when and where to use such technology. Technology is essential in today’s society; the widespread use of a certain technology is often inevitable. 

In the “Closet? You’ll Love It!” episode of the series, Phil and his son Luke visit their in-law Gloria and her son Manny. The group is relaxing by the pool with Gloria dressed in her swim suit when they notice a hovering drone. The drone appears to have a camera which is recording Gloria. Phil and the two boys’ initial attempt to destroy the drone fails and their endeavor to drifting it away from Gloria lead to an embarrassing video of Phil on YouTube. Consequent attempts to follow the drone and find its owner lead to more embarrassing videos being posted on social media. They result to knocking the drone down with some help from Gloria’s husband – Jay. Eventually, Gloria shoots down the drone with a gun. A drone as observed in the TV series “Modern Family” is a real-world technology. which can be used to collect important data. This technology is in the form of a tailored electronic device.   


Drone technology is currently available in real life as well as in the “Modern Family” series. A drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) which operates autonomously or under remote control. As in the case of the “Closet? You’ll Love It!” episode, a drone can be used as an aerial quadricopter remotely piloted from a computer device or even smart phone. Such a drone would be fitted with video cameras which grant the controller real time access to videos and images from different locations. Drones are applicable even in the case of shooting videos for the television series. Industries, such as construction, have resorted to using drones in a similar manner in order to complement other safety measures as this is considered a relatively dangerous industry. 

The availability of drones has risen from exclusive military use to commercial application. Drones are being developed for commercial purposes by a number of companies. Especially, they are suited for providing aerial video and photography and include Scout by Aeryon Labs Inc., MD4-1000 by Microdrone GmbH and Draganflyer X8 by Draganfly Innovation Inc.

The drone technology is essential in solving problems in different areas. In the case of the “Modern Family” TV series, the drone was used by its owner to collect images and videos without personally visiting the location physically. Using the drone gave him/her the advantages of surprise and anonymity. They have become an integral element in the military arsenal. The United States military has employed flying robots in Iraq to locate roadside bombs. The technology is also useful in other peaceful areas; search and rescue operations, mining, disaster damage investigations, and advertising. Case in point, Honeywell T-Hawk was used to gather images of a disaster at a Tokyo nuclear plant in 2011. On the other hand, drones are also creating some new problems. In the show, Phil’s embarrassing video was taken by an unknown individual using their drone, which is an invasion of privacy. It is difficult for Phil to take any real action to remedy this situation besides damaging the drone. 

In the TV show, the drone appears as a disturbance. Phil, Luke, and Manny have to drift it off by running around in order to prevent the owner from taking any photographs or videos of Gloria in her swim suit which might be used insensitively. Similarly, in real life drones might a pose a threat to privacy; a drone might capture information or images which an individual or group did not intend to make public and cause havoc. According to McNeal, domestic use of drones has led to increased privacy concerns which require creative solutions. 

Subjectively, drones are unethical. Their advancement and use is not paralleled with any ethical rules which determine remedies to wrongdoings perpetrated using drones. Drones are relatively new in their commercial use and thus there is more to be done in determining restrictions governing how they are used. Therefore, drones can be used in ways considered unethical as there are few ethical guidelines in line with their application. 

The future of drones, especially in domestic-skies use, revolves around the fashioning of workable legislations to protect individual privacy rights. Outright bans on drones might not be a feasible solution therefore there is need for legislators to device proper policies that maintain reasonable balance between personal privacy rights and legitimate surveillance.


Drones have become commonplace in today’s society. Their applications range from military and industrial to domestic use. The most common use of drones domestically is for aerial photography and taking videos. The prime concern associated with the use of drones in domestic skies is the intrusion of privacy rights. To remedy this it is necessary for legislators to fashion workable solutions. In conclusion, the future of drones is dependent on the creating of proper regulations governing their use.