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Use of Intranet

An intranet is a private network which is similar to the internet. Intranet includes many inter-linked local area networks (LANs), desktop computers, website and portals, and email system.

A network based on TCP/IP protocols (an internet) belonging to an organization, usually a corporation, accessible only by the organization's members, employees, or others with authorization. An intranet's Web sites look and act just like any other Web sites, but the firewall surrounding an intranet fends off unauthorized access.  Like the Internet itself, intranets are used to share information. Secure intranets are now the fastest-growing segment of the Internet because they are much less expensive to build and manage than private networks based on proprietary protocols. (Webopedia)

Building a secure and effective Intranet

Data is very important in this type of industry. Building a secure and effective Intranet will provide a lot of benefits to the organization. It will help to link all the three existing doctors’ office located in remote county of Oklahoma and share information among them. All the 15 physicians can share their experience and opinions over any treatment which may help each other to treat any patient. Physicians can also upload their own articles or treatment they applied to cure a particular disease or patient. Videos can also be uploaded for educating physicians and support staffs. It can better communication among the doctors’ office and the support staff. Scheduling and Administrative duties can be automated. Booking of appointments for patients can become easier and effective. By using technology, the system will can transparency. The current operations generate an enormous amount of documentation which includes medical records, accounting, financial files and Human Resource related to 2000 staffs. The records of the patient can be uploaded on the intranet and diagnosis can be discussed and decided. Physician and Support staff can service more patient than they currently do as they entire process gets automated. Email facility can help effectively communicate among the various offices. This will act as a strong base and help enormously during any expansions plans. The key benefits can be outlined as – Greater control over Documents, Easier Scheduling, Integrated IT Systems, Ease of use, Better communication between the internal physicians, staffs and offices.

Legal and regulatory compliance

Key compliance responsibilities include providing advisory services to all business units in relation of rules, regulations and all domestic financial regulations, providing staffs with training to ensure that they understand their individual regulatory responsibilities.

Documents should be organized so that they are readable without requiring any other style sheet. Web pages should be designed in such a way that all informations are conveyed with color or without color effectively. All information published should be validated and checked before being shared on intranet. Non-secure information should not be published. Any financial data should follow rules and regulations as specified by the government.

Privacy of patient information

All informations regarding patients before being published should be verified and properly checked. Written Consents from the patients should be taken before releasing any of their data/s in public or internally. It is very important that the privacy of every individual patient is kept in mind and not harmed in any way. Copyrights should be taken of information published. Without increase in cyber crime, information falling in wrong hands can cause severe harmful effects.

Data Storage and Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

Proper IT Infrastructure should be set-up and maintained so as to reduce the downtime and effectively use technology to better their service offering to the patients. Set-up should be non-vulnerable to any sort of attacks. Proper servers, firewall, routers, switches should be chosen and securely installed. Data is very important in this industry and should be taken great care. Any sort of data leakage may result in huge loss of business. Proper measures should be taken to prevent internal and external data thefts. Email contents should be monitored on regular basis to prevent important financial or non-financial information being shared. Use of USBs, CD ROM Drive and download of data from intranet should be blocked or restricted or controlled.

A Disaster Recovery set-up should be maintained so that it can act as a primary in case of failover. A Disaster Recovery Site is exact replica of the main site. The relationship between a main site and Disaster Recovery Site is Active-Active or Active Passive. Redundancy can prevent any sort of data loss due to operational failure such as power failure or power-cut, fire or any other kind of natural disaster. All data should be backed up timely from primary site to disaster recovery site. Another alternative is taking back-up in external tapes and storing it at some other site away from the primary or main site. With a Disaster Recovery site, operational risk can be minimized.

For intranet, database maintenance, management and security are vital. Unsecure access to database may result in theft of important data which may be patient related or business related. An administrator should be appointed to manage, update, delete and provide access to data to internal and external staffs. All articles should be well controlled and undergo scrutiny. Use of proper software can enhance the business and its offerings.

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