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Importance of Entrepreneurship Education

Education on entrepreneurship plays a major role in developing entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurship skills and knowledge acquired in school often have important contribution to economic growth. Further... Details

The Right to Education

The right to education implies a human right for compulsory free primary education accessible for all children. Moreover, it suggests free accessible secondary education... Details

Education Theories

Education is a vital part of the development of every person. It plays an essential role in life, career, and self-development. In previous centuries, education was considered a privilege of wealthy p... Details

Benefits of Private Schools

As any phenomenon, attending private school has its advantages and disadvantages comparing to alternatives to public schools. Of course, attending public schools is affected mostly by family’s choice ... Details

The Use of Cell Phones by High School Students

The question on whether cell phones be used by high school students or not, has been under research. A research conducted shows that, cell phones should not be allowed to used during class time by hig... Details

Learning from Life Lessons

Experiences present templates to learn from in one's way of life. Piper Kerman can be said to have gone through hell and back in her experiences in life. She makes decisions that change the course of ... Details

Carbon Emission

The effort to control global warming has in the recent past been directed to greatest polluters with calls for them to r... Details

Personal Leadership Mission Statement

In my opinion, I am a human being that, most likely, has several missions in life. My first mission is to care for and p... Details

University of California

Please describe your motivation, academic preparation and aptitude for graduate study at UC Davis. You should describe y... Details

Teaching Young Learners

Teaching of young learners plays a crucial role in the evolution of personality and society by and large. The teaching p... Details