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Classroom Management Plan

In every new environment, it is usually very challenging for any individual to make an instant mark. To make sure that challenges do not overwhelm a person, there is some infrastructure that needs to be in place. For instance, in the teaching profession one needs a workable management plan. The management plan is an organized method that that has been worked out earlier and will be used to run the institution. A management plan helps in deciding what problems to tackle first and find the solutions to different problems. It helps one to come up with viable details and expectations one needs to meet.

The first-year teachers face many problems and they need to be guided by their more experienced colleagues. Every staff member has got a role to play in order to establish good working environment thus enhancing smooth learning. In order to come up with workable management plan and different solutions for different problems, one has to be guided by more experienced person. Lack of experience may hinder the first-year teachers from imposing themselves confidently thus enabling students to take advantage of their naivety. Since they are usually straight from college, the first-year teachers should not be left alone to face all their problems on their own. They should be put under supervision of more experienced teachers. The first-year teachers should also involve their students by asking for their input in class. They should take the students’ suggestions into consideration and collaborate with them in making the management plan. The first-year teachers should think of the behavior they want in class hence they should be close to the students.

With all those problems expected to be solved by new teachers, there should be ways to solve them readily. Firstly, the teacher should arrange the class according to the way he/she feels suits them. The class should be arranged in such a way that the teacher will be able to monitor every student. If the teachers fail to observe this simple practice, they may face severe consequences. The teacher may be unable to note the troublesome students thus making it hard for them to cooperate. The teacher should set the class expectations. This will help him/her to assess the students and be able to note the areas he/she needs to work on. It will also help in noting the weak students thus making it possible for him/her to dedicate more time to them and help to uplift their respective grades. With the teacher dedicating extra time this will enable him/her to develop greater relationship with the students. They should get rid of all those things that are not working well for them. This will help in reducing various disruptions that may cause the learning not to be smooth. The teacher should also share class expectations with the students and make them understand the need for achieving them.

Consistence is another field that the teacher should work on. The teacher should be conversant with the methods. Lack of consistency in a teacher may harm the student performance. Consistency makes the student have more confidence in the teacher thus making it easier and enjoyable to teach. Being soft and approachable are traits that a first-year teacher or rather every teacher should possess. These traits will help the students to feel more comfortable in the teacher’s presence thus reducing any unnecessary commotion. It will also help the teacher to be able to drive his/her points home. It will also help in achieving the class expectations. These traits should not compromise the teacher’s stand. The first-year teachers should be approachable but at the same time firm with students. This will help the class expectation to be an external presence that will never be affected by the teacher’s moods.

Lesson planning should be an inch-perfect affair. The first-year teacher should be guided by the veteran teachers. They should be able to plan it in such a way that it will help in delivering the required message with minimum fuss. The lesson plan should be able to accommodate diverse learning. It should be able to accommodate both theory and practical part of the lesson. It should also help the teacher in questioning the students about homework and any other types of assignments given. It should also have space for question time and any further clarification that may be necessary. The teacher should use objectives and procedures that can enhance smooth learning (Hoy & Hoy, 2009).

Behavior management is another aspect that a teacher should take into consideration. The teacher should be given tips for achieving and maintaining discipline. The teacher should keep various parents abreast with information about their children. They should make a point of having a personal meeting with different parents and communicating with them any good or bad news, thus helping students in maintaining discipline. The most notorious students should be punished. Detention may help the student and the teacher, respectively. The teacher should make the most out of it. It should be used to help the teachers to use the authority they have to make students be disciplined. It should also be used to make the students understand the need to maintain discipline in and out of school. Disciplining methods should be logical. The students should also write down the rules and regulations they are to follow. The teacher should deal with classroom cleanliness and help in implementing school rules in and out of the class.

Giving rewards and administering punishments has its pros and cons. Both ways, if administered appropriately, are useful. It motivates students to work hard thus improving the overall class grade. It also should not be used to create a rift among students. Students should be rewarded according to their merits. The punishment way should be used not in public but in private so as to avoid causing embarrassment. Embarrassment may lower the morale among the students thus the overall class grade may end up dropping drastically. Private reprimanding may help the student to understand the reasoning behind the teacher’s actions. This theory is supported by the reinforcement theory. One should reprimand in private but reward in public.

The teacher should be coherent and the flow of ideas should be there. The introduction should be clear so as not to confuse the students. The teacher should be confident so as to win the students’ respect. The teacher should try to include some humor in between presentations so as to maintain the children’s concentration. Shower students with praise where it is due and reprimand where it is necessary. The teachers should use a lot library materials, internet and information from parents so as to know how to deal with students. They should also seek advice from their veteran colleagues thus helping them to stay abreast with solutions for problems that may arise. Generally, the plan of work is a must-have for every teacher. Without plan it is very difficult for the teacher to teach and this mostly leads to one going astray and lying to the students. It helps to bring job satisfaction in the teacher’s work. Moreover, students always respond well to a teacher who is organized and hence able to disseminate information to them in the right manner.

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