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Educational Internet Sources for Teachers

Education has evolved with technology, and now it is possible to conduct educational sessions through the Internet. Online trainings have become common place with people earning degrees through the Internet. Similarly, education sources have also increased, and now it is not mandatory for people to go to the library to seek for books and other sources for educational purposes. In fact, books and notes are preferably published online and can be accessed at the comfort of one’s house. Teachers have also found delight in the Internet as they are provided with numerous sources to which they can refer their students. The paper aims at outlining some of the educational sources available for elementary school teachers, which they can use for their teaching needs.

Teaching is said to be a noble course since it is considered as the panacea for shaping the society. However, the sources and practices that teachers use to teach students influence greatly the performance of the students and how they are shaped in the society. Availability of credible teaching sources is crucial for teachers especially in elementary schools, where children get to be introduced to the society’s norms and practices. The main objective of this paper is to describe some of the available educational Internet sources for elementary school teachers, which can be used in their daily teaching needs. 

Educational Internet Sources

ProTeacher Directory Website

The website provides elementary school teachers with teaching resources, including teaching practices such as grouping, lesson planning, theory and practice, assessments, substitute teachers, and teaching materials. Additionally, the website provides sources such as review games, early finishers, and morning work, which are all helpful to elementary school teachers. Lesson plans, interactive thinking, and higher order thinking strategies for classroom are also available in the website.

The website is both student and teacher friendly in two ways. First, it provides sources suitable for both teacher and student. Secondly, it has hyperlinks that enable the visitor to access other related information that may not be available on this website.


The website provides all the resources that an elementary school teacher needs in teaching all grades. It gives resources that are arranged according to subject areas and provide additional information on lesson plans and teaching practices. The website has hyperlinks that are easy to identify and the pictures that are appealing to the children. The language used is simple as it has avoided a lot of verbatim. It also gives a list of books that are recommended for each grade. These books are reviewed and selected as best tools for teaching students at each level. The books are also personalized for each class and every grade k-6 student that visits the website has something to get from it.

This website can be adopted into lesson plan by allocating each section to a particular group of k-6 students in class to carry out research on it and present their findings to the class. The website will benefit students and teachers through its unlimited educational resources.


The website offers a quick search entry for books and other educational resources that the teacher or student may be looking for. The use of Boolean operators makes the search more precise and easy saving on time. The searcher only needs to know the key words for the particular resources that he or she is looking for. Similarly, the website has interactive communities, where teachers and student can ask questions and get answers. The answers provided can be relied on because they are reviewed and moderated by the website operator before they are posted as replies. The website provides books in almost all the fields that education at elementary school is offered into. The website is user friendly and useful to the visitor as it provides numerous information resources for educational purposes.

Learning A-Z

The website assists teachers to differentiate other sources with tailor made online learning solution to students in elementary school. There are dynamic resources for classroom and teaching aids that help in monitoring personal solutions for teachers, including the capability to print books, worksheets, and lesson plans. Similarly, the website provides online interaction between teachers and mobile resources.

The website will benefit teachers and students, because it helps in saving time and expand learning opportunities to students. Additionally, the website is beneficial, because it provides its services on a 24-hour basis; the teacher and the student will enjoy the services of the website all the time.

In conclusion, it is therefore clear that the Internet can enrich the teaching process at whichever level of learning, provided the teacher and/or students are able to effectively utilize its resources.

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