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Letter of Intent

Why New York university?

I am certain that studying at New York University will broaden my horizon in pursuing my Bachelor of Business Management. This is because the college is uniquely equipped to satisfy my interdisciplinary interests in the business field. Through my undergraduate program, I plan to penetrate further into challenging issues I encountered during my first year in undergraduate. I am certain that integration in NY university fellowship will facilitate more innovative approaches to Business Management in the International Business Management course. I also seek to increase my knowledge in the field as well as to improve my career prospects.

Regardless of whether or not you have an intended major or concentration, please elaborate on an academic area of interest and how you wish to explore it at NYU's campuses in New York

I realized my interest in business several years before I joined my undergraduate program at Northern Arizona University. By the time I was through with my second semester of undergraduate studies, I had accomplished much in terms of knowledge and competency in various commerce fields. My GPA is 3.6. I was also the best student in Strategic Planning and Fundamentals of Business Administration classes. This achievement boosted my desire to continue studies particularly in these two areas. Other fields that I covered in the course of studies included marketing, communication systems, financial planning and analysis, etc. Finally, I would like to pursue a career in Business and finance management with a help of New York University graduates assistantship programs. I strongly believe there are numerous opportunities for brilliant graduates to get an internship experience in some of the largest corporations in the region.

 Please share any activities or experiences you have had that have cultivated your intellectual interests leading you to choose to study at the New York University campus of your choice.

With my previous business administration experience, my academic credentials and my personal traits in mind, I believe I can contribute to research as I learn and utilize all the available resources at New York University. This will help me make my career dream become a reality.

(Elaborate on business) What intrigues you?

In the array of the diverse business fields, I developed a keen interest in the discipline of designing and developing strategies for business growth. This was during my internship in strategic planning department in one of the most successful companies in USA. Through collecting data and compiling presentations I was able to develop forecasts and creative action plans aimed at enhancing profitability of the firm that was going through constant changes. I am so far the only student who completed this project on time and received the highest grades.

Tell us about one work of art, scientific achievement, piece of literature, method of communication, or place in the world (a film, book, performance, website, event, location, etc.). Explain its significance to you.

I deeply understand the importance of communication skills for managers and business people. This is because the profession requires a person to get deep understanding of the wide branch of business fields. This may require me to know how to communicate ideas effectively to stakeholders and other people in the field. I am not so eloquent in my communication. In  relation to that,  currently I am  working to improve my communication skills at Washington square in  New York, where I attend part time classes  to improve my skills in report writing  and  presentation.

(Improvise) For Boston University In a few sentences, please tell us why Boston University is a good for you and what specifically has led you to apply for admission?

With my previous experience in business management, my academic credentials and my personal traits in mind, I believe I can contribute to research as I learn and utilize all the available resources at Boston University. This will help me to make my career dream become a reality.

Please discuss your interest in Bentley and the aspects of our community that will help you reach your academic and personal goals.

Bentley University is known for its high quality Business studies. I am confident that studying here will improve my knowledge of business and help me develop all necessary skills. I believe that here I will get all relevant knowledge to make an impact in the ever-changing world.

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