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Need refers to a necessity that calls for action to be taken for its satisfaction. Without a need being satisfied, an organism, community, or an organisation may not survive. Unlike the wants that blossom from desires or wishes, deficiency of needs brings forth a negative outcome. Some people cannot afford to satisfy their needs, and this leads to death. For this reason, there have emerged concerns. People have had visions to help those who cannot satisfy their needs.

Definition of priorities

Once the needs have been identified, they have to be ranked and prioritized. Priority can be defined as something that has been accorded significant special attention before the alternatives. It does not mean that the alternatives have no importance. It simply shows that it is more pressing, and the risk that it has not been done compared to the rest is high. Paying attention to everything that gets on the table and ensuring that you give it sufficient importance have been addressed first.

Non-profit Human Organisation

Creation of non-profit human organisation has come up. Other human beings volunteer to give a helping hand to those who cannot find help by themselves. These organisations do not aim to gain profit; rather they work with the goal that they have to help the needy. They look at what group of people are in need, then they come together and supply lacking things to them. In order to do this, one has to have a vision and objectives of what they want to achieve. Planning has to be well managed so that failure cannot be an option; a failure to plan has always been a plan to fail.

In as much as it is a fantastic course to open or start a non-profit human service, the task to start and accomplish the vision and mission is heavy. There exists no such thing as perfect organisation, for the needs to be accomplished the leader has to be strategic and provide the members with the realistic picture of work that needs to be accomplished. This way, the team will be on the same page working together.

Establishing a non-profit organisation, one should keep in mind that competition does not come from those who establish an organisation. Instead of viewing them as competition, one should examine trends and projections about the future concerning the needs related to what you offer. This organisation cannot only have volunteers but also sponsors and well-wishers who will be giving contributions to this good cause. This group of people will want to know how their funds are being utilized. Having a clear record that shows how funds are distributed would be wise.

Five Biggest Obstacles to Establishing a Non-Profit Human Service

One extremely valuable thing to keep in mind while establishing a non-profit organisation should be funds. Insufficient funds can make an organisation’s objectives or existence difficult to sustain. Non-profit organisations focus mainly on serving the community’s needs rather than making profit. Lack of sponsors to fund the organisation and budget cuts by the government can be a significant setback. The need for proper management of funds can be solved by using alternative sources of funding, for example, fund raising, establishing a business that the profits would go to, or even charging a minimal fee to its members.

Non-profit organisations at times tend to lack volunteers willing to assist them. An organisation can be handling more than it can bear. The pay being so little, it gets hard to find a group of people who are willing to give a helping hand to the organisation. At times, the organisation raises the pay so as to get people who can assist them in the running of the activities.

The government has stepped in to set rules for non-profit organisations. The reason being, the government expects the organisation to be of a certain standard and also in order for the government to keep an eye on the public funds.

 Payment of the government tax does not assist these organisations in any way. Instead, it puts strains on them because they do not get to enjoy tax-exemptions. There are more challenges to them because they do not aim to make a profit like other organisations, but to assist the society. The organisations’ plea to be exempted from tax has been falling on deaf ears.

Non-profit organisations have considerably grown in numbers. This growth has affected the organisation negatively, as they have to search for the little assistance they can get from the government and the private sector. The resources are minimal in comparison with the needs of these organisations. This has been a significant obstacle for those who may have a need to give a lending hand to the society.

Another issue has been a non-supportive environment. There are a lot of non-profit organisations in need of one thing or the other and that have to get by with what they have. The society has become reluctant to be associated with non-profit organisations because of the negative attitude of the environment. Instead of people opening their arms to the brilliant idea, they shun it away.

Economic downturn has become a substantial obstacle. The non-profit organisations’ main funds come from the government; and if the economy of the country goes down, the organisation will also feel the pinch. This problem does not only affect non-profit organisations, but also those in need that the organisation means to assist.

The government has to prioritize non-profit organisations as one of the most prominent government bodies. In reality, they are in the back of the list. For this reason, they end up suffering a lot when the government declares that it does not have enough funds. Since the non-profit organisations are not on top of the government’s to do list, they end up suffering a great deal.

Privatization of the non-profit sector has done a great injustice. It has increased competition due to the great number of organisations that have emerged. Privatization has been the reason that has made many non-profit organisations fully dependant on the government. As the organisation depends on the government for funds, they are faced with deficits. The end result is they do not get the proper equipment they need.

On the other hand, there are such organisations that pose as non-profit organisations and end up ripping people off, instead of assisting them. This situation has resulted in a loss of faith in these organisations. The society often considers this type of organisations as fraud, and they are often reluctant to donate. Those who disrepute non-profit organisation are destroy the image of these organisations in assisting the needy people. 

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