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Literature plays a very important role in broadening the human minds. Using this very area people are able to represent the contemporary society, romance, nature, divine or spiritual deeds and requirements, social norms, politics, entertainment, ethics, comparison of civilizations, imagination based on abstract ideas and many more. Through literature the people are able to expose their innerself in the form of complaints, ideas, appraisals, hatred and imaginative thinking. There are number of different ways the people have to express themsleves like in the form of a poem, a drama, a story, a novel and a biography. Some people like a more rigid way and some an interesting way of expression but a rigid way ever loses the attention of its audience.

People or literary artists take a refuge under the umbrella of literature for example we take the most familiar example of poetry. Taking into account the field of poety it is evident that poetry is the depiction of emotional or sentimental thinking. This thinking is based on the factors like impact of happy life, impact of sorrows, impact of nature, impact of education and many other factors. So whenever a poet or poetess will face some incident in his life, in line with above factors, then he or she will try to delineate the picture of that very scenario or incident in the form of a poem. And that poem will be the representative of that very incident or scene. For example when we have to come across the poetry of Chaucer we observe that he is a true representative of the 14th century’s civilization. He has depicted the different characters from various domains of life alongwith their attitudes, treacherous thinkings, piousness, and psychology. So the reader will find a lesson in each and every poem of Chaucer which is depicting the human beings or people from various domains of life like religious people, common men and women, military persons and many others. So when we have to see literature we see the dominance of historical events or the impact of contemporary society of that very time when the literary piece was written by the artist.

People with different literary ideas serve as a reformer, as a humanitarian, as a prophet and as an idealist. Literature plays a vital role in depicting the desires or longings of the different artists and people. But most of the time the thinking in literature is based on aspirations rather than of fulfilment. Literature is a world in which people have to pass their lives in dreams, unreality, aspirations, longings, desires and they have to achieve nothing or nothing is practical rather mostly imaginative or idealistic. Whenever we have to talk about idealism in terms of science then nothing is ideal because there is not the intimation that there is something hundred percent perfect.

Literature is a domain in which people have to show or form different future prospects for a civilization or a nation. Literary poepel have to find out that what is good and what is going on wrong. We can build the road in the written form which would lead us towards porgress. When there is the consideration of wrong things then we find that people have depicted many things like the wartimes which have a serious impact on the economy and progress of a nation or a country. Autobiography is a form of literature in which the life experience of a man is shown in a more detailed manner and most of the time it is also a depiction of the social norms prevailing at the time when the man was alive. For example if we consider or read the autobiography of MalcolmX then we come across the reality of injustice with black people in America and America in the whole world is considered as a so called leader of human rights. We can find the major reasons that why MalcolmX changed his religion and it is only the plight of black people in America.

So when we have to come across the literature from various domains of life in the past history we have to observe these realities even in the present times or the contemporary society. So the literature written in the last or previous century is also a representative of the 21st century though we are more advanced now. For example in “Hard Times” written by Charles Dickens we see the wrong philosophy of the teachers about facts and ultimately it resulted in the ignorant attitude of the students. Students adopt a materialistic approach showing no respect for the elders and seniors so same scenarios can also be observed in the present times.

Literature is also a major source in terms of entertainment and konwledge. When we think about entertainment then comedy is the one which diverts the gloominess into happiness and it is all inadvertently. So literature also serves as alcohol which mitigates the effects of woes, sorrows and boredom of the routine life. The “Arms and The Man” written by “George Bernard Shaw” is a comedy of its own sort though intially there is too much suspense but there is a laughing factor when the hero of the drama told the heroine about the chocolate instead of the bullets. Literature is a representative of both imagination and realism. For example in literature we have to read different freedom movements and their results which are in the form of cruelties, burglaries and murders. Literature is also a way to express succinctly the political and social disorders in a society.

So it is evident from the above discussion that after reading literature man will be able to know the societies in the past and he or she will be able to compare the different societies. Literatue enhances the knowledge of the past and the present. Literature is also a source of happiness in the life of human beings. One can find the ways for making ones future because in literature the fallacies of different people are mentioned and taking into account these fallacies one can learn because it is famous that learn from the experience of others rather than of your own faults. Literatue plays a vital role in enhancing the capabilities of the children. Using different stories the little minds groom in a sharp pace. Literature enhances the language capabilities of a man that there is more control over language learning and writing. Literature helps to understand life in a number of different ways which are being depicted in the literary pieces by different artists. So literature reading provides not only the knowledge about ancient civilizations but also the clear understanding of the contemporary society or culture.

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