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Mayfair University

With a current student population of 5000, Mayfair University trains its students for their Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degree courses in various academic disciplines housed by five schools: The School of Education, School of Economics, School of Business, School of Nursing and Public Health, and the School of Music. With the appointment of our new president, Mayfair seeks to hold a one of a kind 8th commencement event that will see close to 500 graduating candidates and the first ever honorary degree recipient get their certificates. Paying attention to the uniqueness of this event, the event organization team has come up with a few changes that will be included in the commencement program to spur success and positive memories.

In the past, we have had a professional fronted by the chairperson of council followed by the mace bearer, the chancellor and his vice, guests, graduating candidates, class representative and faculty officials in that order. This year, we would like to introduce faculty banners matching with gowns worn by respective graduating candidates to represent a sense of belonging. Additionally, our doctor of humane letters recipient will come after the president and just before the graduating candidates. This shows academic achievement earned and honored in a respectable way. New events that follow in the program afterwards include a word from madam president who will introduce the doctor of humane letters to give his speech of acceptance for he is our honored guest.

In Mayfair, we have always insisted on the virtue of living together as a community. Since this is a special day for the graduating class, we urge the student body to come and be there for their brothers and sisters. To encourage the spirit of attendance, we have set aside special sitting positions and afterwards a reception in honor of the graduating class. One week before this event, Mayfair will fly its flag alongside the national flag at the gate and the graduation square to instill a spirit of loyalty.

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