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Nursing Education: The First Glance Teens Program

First Glance Teen Programs are mentoring programs for the teenagers that are principally based on faith. Its major objectives are to improve teen mothers’ as well as teen children health due to wide range of complications that they experience.

First Glance Teen Programs are significant charitable organizations that target to improve the teen mothers as well as their children. On the other hand, teen pregnancies are undesirable pregnancies. They may be considered as accidents; something to content with in life. These incidents require an intervention of programs such as the First glance to help tame the outcomes. In this regard, such occurrences tend to be positively correlated in that one incident is a replica of the other.

The emergent question may seek to assess how significant then the First Glance Teen Programs could be. To begin with, there is a sturdy correlation amid teen mothers who attend the first glance teen programs and infants’ apgar scores. Infants with higher apgar growth are common with the mothers who attend first glance teen programs. The more one incident is, the higher the other will be.

Furthermore, there is a positive correlation between teen mothers who attend First Glance Teen Programs and birth weights as well as maternal complications. This is an attribute of mentoring program, which is considered the most important of other components in the teen program. The program offers mentorship whose objectives are to enable create an all round society that is not only concerned about equipping sex education, but offer emotional and medical support to teen mothers, considering the fact that such mothers develop feelings of isolation that come with undesired pregnancy shame.

In conclusion, it is evident that, First Glance Teen Programs transform the society through mentorship, spiritual nourishment, parental classes, personal growth and development classes and other forms of peer guiding and canceling. These have tremendously improved the well being of teen mothers and their children.

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