Personal Leadership Mission Statement

In my opinion, I am a human being that, most likely, has several missions in life. My first mission is to care for and protect the health, happiness and prosperity of my blood relatives and those who were granted to me by life. My second mission is to find my professional path and to succeed in all my endeavors. The third mission is to find my destination as a human being in this life and cognize the harmony with the higher power and with myself. In my life I need to find a balance in order to simultaneously accomplish all these there missions and to keep my mind open to the adjustments the life will make in my understanding of the Earth’s path.

To carry out my set missions, I want to make an accent on the following values and aspects:

Love – practiced through everything I cherish and aimed at everything around me.

Kindness – to be able to let go all the negative emotions and experience, learn from them and never let them affect my heart, values, views and principles.

Improvement – to keep my mind, heart and soul open to everything new that life will offer, never stop enhancing my skills and be always hungry for new knowledge and experience.

Wisdom – to become wise through all the experience and knowledge gained and understand why it was given to me, to understand what is important in life and never forget about it.

Fidelity – stay loyal to myself, my principles, family and close people.

Harmony – to find a harmony combining all the three missions, the development of my mind and soul and to find a harmony with the world, the higher power and with myself.

As a leader, I will use the techniques of the transformational leadership to implement my values in particle and complete the life missions I have set. I will utilize these principles and apply these merits in all spheres of my life.  I will show show how important my values and missions are not only for me, but for every living creature with using my open mind and willingness to communication. I will demonstrate the power and purpose that are established in love and kindness using all the strength and energy I have. I want to have a strong will that can stimulate me and people around me to improve and never stop developing the values that I have and to continue completing my life missions.  The fact that I am seeking for the ideal combination in everything will support me in keeping the harmony inside and in my relations with other people. Loyalty and responsibility will assure that I properly adhere to my principles and that I do everything in my power to make the job done effectively.