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Practice Makes Perfect

“Practice makes perfect.” This is a common saying, which has been uttered repeatedly in class, and has actually turned out to be true. My tireless efforts in practicing writing skills that I have acquired for the last four weeks have seen me improve my writing skills dramatically. This can be illustrated by comparing my writing skills from the essays that I wrote during the first week, second week, third week, and the fourth week. For sure, there is a big difference in terms of writing skills in what I wrote every week.

When I started English Comp. 1 class, I had quite a number of strengths as well as weaknesses in terms of writing. One of my strengths is that I could construct grammatically correct sentences. I could organize my work very well and produce logical essays. In fact, I believed that my writing skills were standard for this academic level. However, I lacked knowledge of how to define an argument in my essays. Most of the times, I could write my essays without first defining my argument. I did not know that while writing an argumentative essay, it is always important to give a position before starting the argument. Even in other forms of essays, it is always important to state what the essay is about in order to make the reader have an idea of what to expect in the essay. I have learnt that this is known as a ‘thesis statement.’ I can know provide very clear thesis statements in my essays and ensure that the body of my essays is consistent with the thesis statement.

In fact, if you look at the essay I wrote during the first week, you will notice that it did not have a thesis statement. However, in week two, I was able to define a thesis statement, and by week three, I was able to include a very clear thesis statement and provide information that was consistent with the thesis statement in the entire essay. Besides, I was not familiar with the APA style of formatting academic papers. My essays now look presentable since I follow APA style of writing.

I plan to continue practicing what I have learnt in order to improve my writing skills. I plan to research on a broad topic in order to develop my writing skills further. A broad topic will enable me learn how to develop a succinct thesis statement, and yet cover all the relevant areas in the topic without diverting from the thesis statement.

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