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School Activities

School is one of the parts of the democratic society. It is very significant for the future of the whole country because in this institute the background of the world-outlook is formed. School is the first step in our way of socialization, development, and demonstration of our skills, that has a great influence on our personality. Thus, I consider school activities to be a very helpful and interesting way to enrich my inner world and share it with others.

As every person, I am not good at every sphere of our life. But there are some things I am really keen on.  Since my childhood I have been fond of music.  At the age of 6 I became a student of the music school. Despite professional concerts at the music school, it is very important for me to involve my friends at school it this activity. They were inspired by music and we have created a band. Communicating with a great number of talented people at school helps us to do something new together and generate ideas referring to the organization of our cultural and social activities. This year our band won the first prize in the contest for all schools in our town. That was a very pleasant appreciation of our efforts.

I would like to continue devoting myself to this kind of art via taking part in school events.  Moreover, I am quite interested in becoming the member of a volunteer group that would deal with the cultural and social questions, for example, organizing free actions and concerts for children, disabled people, orphans.

Besides, nowadays our country provides the opportunities for students to widen their experience and deepen their knowledge in other countries. There are many exchange programs that are aimed at procurement of cultural collaboration and connections between students of high schools and universities throughout the world. It would be very useful and wondering to go abroad and plunge into the new atmosphere. That is why it is better to use school time efficiently and to be engaged in school activities in order to develop your personality. This is the first stage on the way to success. 

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