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Task Repetition

A number of strategies, which can utilize various tasks to develop accuracy, fluency, and complexity in language have been proposed. With past studies indicating that repetition of tasks have a positive effect on these basic goals of speech while today’s studies contradict the same, it was interesting carrying out a study on this topic. The study was to examine the kind of influence that task repetition has on the students' performance in terms of accuracy, fluency, and complexity. Two pairs of students were given a describing-picture task, which was repeated two times. Unexpectedly, the results were opposite to that indicated in the literature. The result revealed that repetition of tasks had no remarkable effect on the students' performance. This was a clear deviation from the findings of the past studies, which had shown a clear relationship between task repetition and the three basic goals of speech. This study will highlight on the methodologies, analysis, results, and the subsequent conclusions that were reached during the study.

With the understanding that learners need to become more efficient speakers of English, varied strategies were used to develop the students' performance. The main goal of this paper was to study the impacts that task repetition has on fluency, accuracy, and complexity. Contrary to the results of previous studies on task repetition, the result of the current study showed that task repetition had no influence on the learners' performance. This is because even though there were some small gains in the students’ complexity, it was accompanied with loss of the other two goals of speech, accuracy and fluency, with accuracy suffering the major blow. However, it is good to note that these results could have been due to the small sample size. Finally, it was, therefore, recommended that the same study should be repeated with a bigger sample size in order to get to know the actual relationship between task repetition and these main goals of speech.

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